Best Universal Sight Pushers of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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The hobby or often a requirement of owning a technologically-advanced and powerful firearm has been on the rise over the past decades. 

However, although you may be aware of the accessories that go along with your firearm, it is incredibly easy to forget some others. You can spend a fortune on the purchase of the most advanced sights, but they shall be of no use if not installed properly. This is where universal sight pushers come in.  

This article talks about all aspects of universal sight pushers and offers an exclusive list of the best products available. 

Comparison of the Best Universal Sight Pushers

  • Features a Phillips screwdriver bit
  • Handle features rubberized panels that are textured
  • Includes a hardened steel disassembly tool
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  • Can adjust or replace any pistol sights
  • Features a strong steel frame
  • Very large and advanced sight pusher tool
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  • Best for the Money
  • Grips all sides of a slide
  • Made from a solid block of aluminum
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  • Can be adjusted to accommodate most handguns
  • Very strong and robust
  • Features a big main screw and bolt
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  • Has reference marks for precise adjustments
  • Very reliable as it captures and supports slide
  • Made from a durable aluminum frame
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What is a Universal Sight Pusher and How Does a Universal Sight Pusher Work?

A sight pusher tool ensures that you are able to install, remove, and adjust sights on your gun with ease, which can otherwise be an extremely difficult and annoying task. A universal sight pusher, unlike a model-specific one, gives much more freedom to the user. 

Universal sight pushers are more adaptable and versatile compared to bespoke models. The metallic fixture is designed with mounting blocks that enable users to adapt the fixture to several different guns’ makes and models while ensuring that the sight is firmly mounted on the firearm and the knobs and cranks can be easily and quickly turned without slipping.

ATG Universal Sight Pusher Tool

What Should I Look For When Buying a Universal Sight Pusher? 

If you are buying an accessory for your firearm, then you should know exactly what you are looking for as you cannot afford any accidents. Therefore, when buying a universal sight pusher, make sure to look out for the following:


Although universal sight pushers are designed to work with almost all guns and sights available in the market, due to the vast world of weapons and their accessories, no one model can truly be termed as entirely universal. Thus, ensure that the one you are considering to buy fits for the firearms and sights you own. 


The durability of the product should also be taken into consideration, which is directly related to the material used in the product. You do not want a product that would break after a few uses; hence go for materials like stainless steel or aluminum as they would give you the right life for your money.


Since the sight pusher will be used in close proximity with your firearm, safety should be your primary concern. Therefore, going for cheap models to save a few bucks might not be a great idea!

Review of the Best Universal Sight Pushers

Below we have selected and reviewed some of the leading universal sight pushers available in the market. These products have been chosen after careful speculation; hence, rest assured you can rely on them. Have a look:

Best Overall:
ATG Universal Sight Pusher Tool


  • Easy to use
  • Front sight magnetic hex nut
  • 2.5mm steel disassembly tool
  • Channel liner/removal tool included
  • Rubberized and textured handle for improved grip


  • Only intended for personal use at home as some parts may not be as firm

What Recent Buyers Report

People have generally loved using this sight pusher and appreciated how easy and convenient it is to install. While some customers have reported some complaints, other reviews reveal that almost all of them can be fixed with proper lubrication. Regardless, the overall response to it was that it seriously added user convenience. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Though not suitable for commercial use, the product, along with the other tools included in the package, is definitely able to provide value for its money. It is the level of sophistication that it brings to the table that we love so much. It gives you a great experience. 

Its handle provides the user with a firm and rather exceptional grip - something that can play a very significant and important role in gun usage. Moreover, it comes with a removal kit. This makes the entire process much more smooth and easy and was appreciated by customers a lot. 

Bottom Line

The ATG Universal Sight Pusher Tool is one of the best sight pushers available in the market. Its ease of use, construction quality, and the removal kit make it outshine many others in the family. We strongly advise you to check it out.  

 Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool

Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool PURSHER for Handguns Pistols Front OR Rear 1911, Glock, ETC. (All Blocks Included)


  • Comes in a padded carry case
  • Strong steel used in the manufacturing 
  • Only pusher tool which can also work with “Snake Eye” sights in the market
  • Package also includes a Glock disassembly tool and front sight removal tool
  • Can work for both front and rear sight installations, adjustment and/or removal


  • While installing or removing the sights on some models, the tool could possibly cause damage to your actual sight

What Recent Buyers Report

Almost all the buyers have been satisfied with their purchase and appreciated the build quality of the tool. The material used in the manufacturing can withstand strong forces required while installing different sights on the firearm.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Although not advertised as a product for commercial purposes, the tool is still strong enough to be used by gunsmiths. The value for money is something very impressive for this product and has been appreciated in all recent reviews by customers.

The disassembly and front sight removal tools are a part of the package that is shipped to you and are a nice addition. The sight pusher itself has a sturdy construction that allows it to bear any force applied to it during the installation or removal of the product.

Bottom Line

Based on customer reviews, the tool is definitely able to do the intended job. It gives you impeccable value for money since it comes with other tools like the Glock disassembly and removal tools. 

Best for the Money:
Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool by

Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool for 1911 Sig springfield and others* Best tool on the market for front or rear sights* MADE IN USA


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Built from a solid 6061 aluminum block
  • Works with both full-sized and sub-compact guns
  • An American-built tool, so the quality of the material is good
  • Can grip all four sides of sight, so it is unlike to cause damage during installation/removal


  • Can scratch the sight of the firearm during installation and removal
  • Not compatible with 1911 as it cannot sit down far enough for the pusher block to engage

What Recent Buyers Report

An overwhelmingly large majority of buyers have been extremely happy with their purchase and appreciated the tool's build quality and the strong material used in manufacturing. They loved how well-machined it was and had an intuitive use. People reported that it added so much convenience that it made sight removal and replacement almost too easy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This tool's ability to hold the sight from all sides is something that not all the sight pushers offer in the market. This not only makes it easier to install sights but also significantly reduces the effort required in the process. This unit has a solid build; hence you can rest assured that it is reliable. 

Moreover, not every sight pusher is compatible with different sizes of guns. However, this one provides more versatility in this regard. Its ability to work with a range of guns, including full-sized and subcompact guns, makes it a unique favorite of many. 

Bottom Line

This is indeed a great product! Although the price is a bit on the higher side, the tool's quality and the added convenience provisioned surpasses that with ease. It is definitely something we would recommend to everyone. 

4. Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master

Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master | Install Or Adjust Sights On Most Handguns | Modify Sights Yourself | Made in the USA | T1003


  • Easy to use and robust tool
  • Well-made and can be used with wrench/socket
  • Can perform heavy-duty sight installations as well
  • Can accommodate most modern handguns, both front, and rear sights
  • Designed to be used with a wrench or socket set to provide more leverage
  • Two-sided hardened steel pusher with one side angled specifically for Glock sights


  • Would need to be used with a vice for efficient performance
  • All the parts need to be carefully aligned first which is time-consuming

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers that left reviews had a stellar opinion of the product. Although the material used in the product is of high-quality, the installation process is a bit complex and requires careful execution to avoid damage to the sight or the firearm itself. However, users really lauded its durability and how it gives you the right worth for your money.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This was amongst the few sight pusher tools in the market that can work with front and rear sights. We love when a manufacturer goes above and beyond to ensure that the product does something that most units cannot, and that is exactly what this product is about.  

Although some people found it cumbersome to assemble the product first, it actually makes your sight pusher resistant to any damage. This, in turn, makes the gun safer to use, making it a great pick.  

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is an effective product that has sophisticated features. Therefore, it is more fit to be used by experienced users who can fully appreciate this product's smart design and functionality. Such customers would definitely amp up their game with this.

5. Wheeler Engineering Armorer's Sight Tool


  • Reference marks to ensure precise adjustments
  • Built from aluminum and steel parts, making it quite durable
  • Design can completely and firmly hold the sight and is therefore unlike to cause damage
  • Can be used for both front and rear dovetail sights installations, removals, and adjustments
  • The 4-post drive knob along with the reference marks makes it easier to be used by everyone


  • Allen head screws used in the tool do not complement the material quality of other components used in the tool

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the purchasers have been extremely satisfied with the product. They particularly loved the reference marks and reported that they added significantly to their convenience. Users also liked the precise adjustments it allowed, thanks to the reference marks. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The build quality, combined with the versatility of the tool, is what drew us towards it. It has a distinct capability to work on almost all firearms in the semi-automatic category. Furthermore, the sheer performance and ease it provides to its customers are commendable.

The reference marks on the sight have greatly increased its ease of use. The four-post drive knob further contributes to this factor. These features mean that even beginners can use this, and more experienced users will find added convenience. 

Bottom Line

The Wheeler Engineering Armorer's Sight Tool is a very effective universal sight pusher tool that can be used by beginners and experts alike. This means it has a much higher target audience and can be bought by a variety of users. It is definitely one of the best quality products in this price range.

Perks of Getting a Universal Sight Pusher

If you are still unsure about buying a universal sight pusher, then allow us to change your mind. 

A sight pusher can make firearm use much better. Here's how:


Being mindful of your safety when using a gun cannot be overemphasized. Coupling it with a sight pusher will make you more efficient and safer. Moreover, if you buy a quality product that is constructed from quality materials, it will keep your gun safe as well.  

Sight Installation

Many people find the task of installing a sight very tedious- and rightly so. A sight pusher will not only help you in installing a sight with convenience but also help you to remove it as per your ease. Frustration before firing up your gun is not something we want. 

Ease of Use

There is no point in getting an accessory to help with the installation of one thing if it is not easy to install itself. For this purpose, these sight pushers are extremely easy to use and make the installation process much better. It will allow you to work in a much more convenient and organized manner. 

Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool (Source)

How to Use a Universal Sight Pusher

Different universal sight pusher tools are to be used differently as they are built and designed differently as well. However, using one might not be as difficult as a beginner might think. Just follow these basic steps, and you should be able to get the job done with ease:

  1. Prepare the Slide – Get a cloth and wrap the slide appropriately with the help of the cloth.

  2. Set the Slide – Place the slide in the middle of the two blocks and ensure that the alignment is correct.

  3. Secure the Clamps – Hold the slide with the help of the clamps in a manner that it doesn't move about.

  4. Wrench – With the help of a wrench, swing it and secure the bolt to make sure your sight is adjusted. 

  5. Safety Measures – During the installation or removal process of the sight with a pusher, be certain that it doesn’t turn any nuts. For optimum results, first detach the shim block, particularly while dealing with front sights.

For a more detailed overview of the entire process, be sure to refer to the video below.


If you’re a gun enthusiast, a sight pusher is surely an indispensable tool for you. However, if you take this passion seriously, we recommend you invest in one of the items from our list. They not only have extraordinary features but give you great worth for your money. We hope you found this helpful.

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