Best Tents of 2020 – Complete Round-up

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Outdoor activities are not for everyone, but there is no denying that a childhood spent without a single camping trip is not complete. You get out of your menial everyday life and into the wild to take in all the fresh air before it’s time to sit back down in front of computer screens. There are many memories associated with camping, most common of which will probably be trying (and failing) to set up the tent.

Why are they made to be so complicated? But worry not; if you are in the market for a new, easy to set up tent, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled the list of the best tents for you.

Comparison Chart of the Best Tents

  • Inverted seams keep water from getting in
  • Rainfly offers extra weather protection
  • Easily opens and closes
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  • Separate screen room for bug-free lounging
  • Patented welded floors
  • Sets up in 15 minutes
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  • Best for the Money
  • Fits two queen air mattresses
  • Features room divider and wall storage pockets
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  • Best Waterproof Tent
  • Very fast to pop up and take down
  • Double wall tent is constructed of flysheet
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  • Best Instant Tent
  • Integrated vented rainfly improves airflow
  • Inverted seams to keep users dry
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  • Best 8 Person Tent
  • Adjustable venting system
  • Uses color-coded preattached poles
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  • Best Truck Tent
  • Full rainfly provides weather protection
  • Designed to fit most pick-up trucks
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What Size of Tent Do I Need?

When choosing the tent size, the first thing you need to do is a headcount. How many people are going with you? Are they all going to be sleeping in one tent? How many people are willing to share their tent? When you narrow down the answers to persons per tent, you have your answer to the size.

When you are buying a tent, you will notice that manufacturers provide the capacity in persons e.g., a 1-person tent or a 2-person tent. The thing that some manufacturers forget is comfort. They often measure the size in the most compact way possible. If it is a 2-person tent, then you will have to get really cramped in to fit easily. So, it’s always a good thing to go one size above the required one. 

How to Choose a Tent

A tent is not just a piece of cloth hanged to a pole. If it were as simple as that, many people would be out of business right now. There are many considerations you have to keep in mind, especially if you have never gone camping before. To make things easy for you, we have made a list of things you can add to your checklist when looking for a tent.


Most of the tents now are made from nylon and polyester. They are much cheaper than natural fabrics and not as heavy. Depending on the type, the material can have coatings for waterproofing and UV protection.

They are also made from cotton, which has water absorption properties, and it is much more durable than polyester or nylon. 


Tents have been around for ages, and their most recognizable form probably is the pyramid or triangular form, also called wedge tents. But now, there are several different styles you can choose from, depending on their shape and poles.

The most common style nowadays is the dome style. It’s easy to set up and has enough headspace for you to stand up. Because of the dome shape, there is no water buildup on the top in case of rain. Geodesic tents are a step up to the dome tent and provide extra support for windy weather.  

Enjoy the outdoors with geodesic tent. (Source)

For a family vacation, you can choose the multi-room tent. The rooms are separated by a divider, and depending on size and price, it can have either 2 or more rooms. But given the size, they are heavy and difficult to set up.

There is another newer option called the popup tent. They have spring-loaded poles that automatically pop into shape, and you don’t have to spend hours setting them up. They are not the sturdiest of tents but will do for things like festivals where you don’t expect to run into extreme weather.


Tents are rated in seasons, meaning how many seasons they can be used. Is it made just for non-windy summer days, or can it handle winter as well? Keeping this in mind, tents are rated from 1 to 5 seasons.

The most basic is, of course, the 1 season tent. It does not have mechanisms for protection from heavy rain, winds, and cold weather. They are used only in the summer when the skies are clear. 2 season tents are grouped in the same category as the one season tents as there is not much of a difference between them.

3 season tents are the most popular. They are sturdy and have waterproofing mechanisms for heavy rain and thunderstorms. There is enough ventilation through the doors to keep you comfortable in the summer.

The 4 season tent is designed to withstand extreme cold and even some snowfall by having double-layered material and heavy weatherproofing. Though they are rated 4 seasons, they are really only bought when you need to camp in winter. The thick material and double layering make it unsuitable for summertime.  

Review of the Best Tents

We have listed some of the common types of tents above, but there are many more in the market to choose from. But having too many choices is not all it’s cracked up to be. All it does is get you confused, so we have narrowed down the list to the top 10 tents. 

Best Overall:
Coleman Montana Tent


  • A big 8-person sized tent
  • Has a weatherproof design
  • Made from double-layered fabric
  • Includes storage pockets for extra space
  • Has a hinged door that opens and closes easily


  • Not enough ventilation for summer use

What Recent Buyers Report

It’s a very spacious tent and can house 5 to 6 people comfortably. The ventilation needs some improvement, but in good moderate temperatures, it is perfect. It can handle a good amount of rain and keeps you dry. Given the price, it’s very sturdy and gives plenty of room for you to stand up.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Coleman tent has welded corners, inverted seams, and rainfly to keep you clean and dry. Instead of the zipper style door, you get a hinged door which is easy to open and close. The storage pockets are a great addition to store your gear and small items. The fabric it uses is double-thick to keep you warm, and it makes the tent more durable. It also has angled windows and door awnings for ventilation while keeping the rain out.

Who Will Use This Most

For an 8-person tent, you can fit about 6 people in it if you want a comfortable room for all. But if you are fine with cramping in together, 8 people will fit too. If you are planning to camp in rainy and windy weather, this is a good option for you.

Bottom Line

Coleman makes good quality tents for normal use that come at much more reasonable prices. This particular model has a large design for house groups. It will keep you secure and dry. It’s not too flappy in the wind and stays put.

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room


  • Weather-resistant design
  • Window awnings for ventilation
  • Frame can withstand 35 mph wind
  • Additional screen room for relaxing
  • Storage pockets to keep small things


  • The screened porch is not protected in case of rain

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers state that it sets up quickly, and you don’t have to overexert. The ventilation is good enough for summer days. If you set up the rainfly correctly, it will keep you dry in heavy rain. It has a good room inside, and you can fit a queen mattress inside while still having room for other things.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a dome-styled tent, which means there will be no water buildup on top. It has a screen room with meshed sides and an open front for lounging. It keeps you covered while giving plenty of ventilation. You can close the front by its mesh material and use it as an extra sleeping area. There are window awnings for air circulation that are designed to keep the rain out. It has inverted seams, weather-resistant zipper cuff, and no needle holes in the ground to close off any holes and keep water out.

Who Will Use This Most

It’s a 6-person tent that fits two queen-sized beds in it. But it is advised to go one or two people below the given number if you want space for luggage and other things. The window awnings and screen room make it great for summer and springtime. You can also use it in rainy weather.

Bottom Line

This is our runner-up only because it is smaller in size. It has high-quality material and good weatherproofing techniques to last you a long time. It does not take more than 15 minutes to set up if you do it properly.

Best for the Money:
CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent


  • Advanced ventilation techniques
  • Heat-sealed seams keep water outside
  • See-through roof with a cover if needed
  • A divider to give you two rooms with privacy
  • Telescoping poles pop up in shape within a few steps


  • No awning or vestibule attached

What Recent Buyers Report

It’s a very spacious tent, and the divider is a great addition. It has good ventilation while keeping the inside dry. Its installation takes no more than 60 seconds. It’s a great family tent which is perfect for summer. The setup is not too difficult, and it has good waterproofing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this product uses advanced venting design that draws air in from the ground through the adjustable air intake and expels the hot air from the mesh roof. This is a perfect design for summer and for managing condensation. The rainfly can be removed in clear weather to enjoy the sky through the mesh ceiling. It uses telescoping steel poles that are already attached to the tent and pop up in minutes.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a 9-person tent with a 78-inch center height. You can fit two air beds inside, and it has a divider for privacy. It can be used in both monsoon season and clear weather. You can add the rainfly on the top, which has heat sealed seams and you are good to go. For clear skies, you can remove the fly, and you get a well-ventilated area.

Bottom Line

In all, this is a low-priced tent with a lot of space inside for a group or family. It is designed for multi-purpose use and performs well in all kinds of weather except perhaps winter. It’s a cabin-style tent with rainfly, stakes, and a carry bag included.

Best Waterproof Tent:
Hewolf Waterproof Instant Tents for Camping

Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent - 2/3/4 Person Easy Quick Setup Dome Family Tents for Camping,Double Layer Flysheet Can be Used as Pop up Sun Shade (Instant Ten YeIIow)


  • Quick and easy set up
  • 2000mm rated rainproof material
  • Large spacious area for two people
  • Inside layer is made of mesh for ventilation
  • Can be used for UV protection when used with the outer layer


  • Aluminum poles get bent over time

What Recent Buyers Report 

As per recent reviews, it takes no more than a minute to set up and is very sturdy. The seams are all sealed, and there are no leaks. It has a lot of uses, like using it as a simple shade when you remove the outer part. It’s a great quality 2-person tent for the price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This dome-style tent has a pop-up opening mechanism that takes about a minute or two to set up. You don’t need to separately set up the rain fly and the inner mesh layer. They are connected through sewing buckles. It opens on two sides for cross breeze. For extra ventilation on a non-rainy day, you can remove the outer layer and enjoy the mesh ceiling.

Who Will Use This Most

The outer layer can be used for regular camping and rainy weather. But with just the inner layer, you can use it on a beach as a UV protectant screen. It can fit two adults and one child or four children at one time. But if you want room for other things, then don’t try to fir more than two people.

Bottom Line

This is a smaller tent that is advertised as a 3-in-1 product. It’s a mesh tent, open-air sunshade, and a normal camping tent. If it’s just two people or if the others have their own tents, then this smaller sized one will be the better option as it is easier to carry and set up.

Best Instant Tent: 
Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup


  • Cover welds and seams keep water out
  • Setup does not take more than a minute
  • Comes with an expandable carrying bag
  • Made from Polyguard double-thick fabric
  • Darkroom technology to reduce sunlight and temperature buildup


  • The rainfly is not very effective

What Recent Buyers Report 

According to recent buyer reports, this is a heavy tent with plenty of room inside, and it can handle a lot of heavy wind. Its setup is very simple, and you can store it easily in the car. Users also like that it will keep you dry even in heavy rain.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This cabin-style tent uses WeatherTec for weatherproofing. It has tub-like floors with corner welds and covered seams that keep it leak-proof. Its material is Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric for added strength and durability. The poles are already attached, and you don’t have to do a lot of work. Another great feature it has is Dark Room technology that keeps it dark even in the daytime if you feel like taking a nap, which also results in cooler temperature inside.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a four-person tent, which means you can fit 2 people in it comfortably. The center height is not too long, but it’s still spacious enough. You get ample waterproofing, but it’s probably not ventilated enough for summer use.

Bottom Line

Instant tents are becoming more and more popular. No one wants to spend all their time and energy in getting the right poles in the right places. So, this pre-installed pole tent comes as a relief from that. It is well protected and weatherproof, using high-quality, durable material.

Best 8 Person Tent:
 Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent


  • Large sleeping area for 8 people
  • Water and wind-protected design
  • Has color-coded pre-attached poles
  • It has room dividers to make three separate rooms
  • A 72 inches center height for the comfortable standing area


  • Setting up takes about 20 minutes

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers state that it is a great tent for group outings. It’s very heavy and sturdy and tall enough for people of 5’8” height to stand. It is of very high quality and will last you for years if you maintain it properly. The rainfly effectively keeps water out, which can be a problem in many other tents.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It’s a very low-priced tent, given the size. All the poles are color-coded and pre-installed, so you only take about a minute to stretch it out and secure it in place. It uses Coleman’s sealed seams, wind-responsive frame, and protected zipper as additional waterproofing mechanisms.

Who Will Use This Most

It’s measured at 17 x 10 feet with 72 inches center height, which makes it very spacious. The rating is 8-person, so it will fit about 6 people comfortably with room for extra things. It has good water protection too, and adjustable ventilation for hot weather as well.

Bottom Line

When going camping, having a large comfortable area to sleep in and keep your things is something everyone looks for as tents are a home away from home. This 8-person tent uses high-quality material yet is very affordable compared to other of the same size.

Best Truck Tent:
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent


  • Easy to set up
  • Can fit almost any pickup truck
  • Full floor tent keeps truck clean
  • Color-coded poles to help with set up
  • Comes with a rainfly for water resistance


  • Not suitable for everyone

What Recent Buyers Report

It can handle a good amount of wind and rain without getting damaged or making you wet. Heavy-duty material is used, which makes it durable. Its setup does not take too long. It’s a great alternative to sleeping on the ground.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a full-floor truck tent that can fit just about any pick-up truck model. Its installation is simple with color-coded poles and sleeves. It comes with a rainfly for waterproofing. All these things stand out to us and make it a great purchase.

Who Will Use This Most

This type is used for tailgating, fishing, beach, and camping as well. If you prefer not to sleep on the ground, then this is a good option. It will easily fit trucks that have toolboxes or bed liners as well. It has a good headroom of about 5.6’.

Bottom Line

For some people, sleeping on the ground is not an option. It’s too hard and has many obstructions stones. Sleeping on the back of your open truck is a good alternative, which is where this unit comes in. For tailgate parties, this is the right way to go.

Best Cold Weather Tent:
GEERTOP 4 Season Camping Tent

GEERTOP 2 Person Camping Tent Lightweight 4 Season Waterproof Double Layer All Weather Outdoor Survival Gear for Backpacking Hiking Travel - Easy Set Up


  •  5000mm waterproof rating
  • Waterproof and anti-tear design
  • Double mesh window for ventilation
  • Built-in light hooks and storage space
  • Made from breathable polyester and fine mesh high-density nylon


  • Not a lot of room inside

What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that it performs good in low temperatures of -4F, but you would need some other warming techniques to help. It does hold up against rain and snow and keeps the inside warm. The price is very reasonable for such a sturdy and high-quality tent. It has good headroom inside and is spacious.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This has an outer layer that is UV protected and has a 3000mm waterproof rating. The floor is also waterproof with taped seams and a 5000mm waterproof rating. The inner tent, however, is made of breathable material and has two large doors and mesh windows for ventilation and cross breeze. This makes it a four-season tent. There are storage pockets and hooks for extra things. The snow skirt protects from the snow.

Who Will Use This Most

This model has a lightweight design for two people. It weighs about 6.4 pounds in total, so it is perfect for hiking. The double layers and thick material make it suitable for cold weather. If you want to use it in summer, you can remove the outer layer and have a breathable inner layer. But it’s not best for very hot and humid conditions.

Bottom Line

Geertop makes many outdoor products and high-quality tents that are made to withstand extreme conditions. This model is made to be lightweight and suitable for one person. This makes it perfect for hiking and carrying around. The installation is also simple, given the size.

Best Tent Cot:
Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot


  • No-See-Um mesh for ventilation
  • Can be converted to a lounge chair
  • Oversized tent has plenty of room inside
  • Sits 11 inches above the ground for added comfort
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum steel frame


  • It is a bit heavy to carry

What Recent Buyers Report

Setting it up is very easy even without instructions if you have some experience, according to buyers. It’s very secure and durable. It won’t tear down due to some wind, and given the price, what more could you want? The extra-large size fits 5’10” people easily.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It’s not just a tent but a chair as well. These are probably not two things you would have put together, but this is designed to be an extra-large tent that can be compacted down to a lounge chair because of the small pegs at the bottom. These pegs keep the tent above the ground, so you don’t have to sleep on the ground. It is stable and sturdy and has mesh doors for ventilation.

Who Will Use This Most

It weighs about 32 pounds and is suitable for one person at a time. It comes with a waterproof fly so you can use it in rainy weather. It has enough ventilation for mildly hot days. People who have back problems and don’t want to sleep on the floor should consider this alternative.

Bottom Line

Kamp-rites makes many camping equipment, including cots and chairs. This oversized cot is for a tall and large person. You get the comfort of not sleeping on the ground and the privacy of your own tent. It has a stable design with plenty of legs to keep it in place.

Best Survival Tent:
Coleman Sundome Tent


  • Storage pockets on walls
  • Can fit up to 4 people easily
  • Has a weather-resistant design
  • Large windows and ground vents
  • E-port for access to an electric connection


  • Heavy weighted tent

What Recent Buyers Report

This keeps you dry even when there are puddles of water outside due to rain. It’s very secure and sealed but still has enough ventilation. The setup does not take too long, and the ceiling screen is something many campers love. You take it outside while staying warm and secure.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A survival tent needs to be heavy-duty and durable with ample weather protection. This tent uses welded corners and covered seams for waterproofing. The floor is made from polyethylene in a tub style to seal it from all sides, including the corners. For ventilation, it has a large door with a hooded fly, mesh roof, and a ground vent. There is also a storage pocket for extra things. The frame is made from fiberglass, which is better than aluminum.

Who Will Use This Most

It is a survival tent, meaning it will keep you dry and secure in wind and rain. There is enough ventilation as well when needed. There is also an electric access port if you need an electric connection for things like a portable fan or heater.

Bottom Line

Survival tents are designed to provide complete protection from the weather. There is no room for leaks and other elements to get in. It uses high-quality material and construction for a durable tent. It uses coated polyester and 1000D polyethylene.

Tent vs Hammock - Which is Ideal and Why?

A tent is defined as a portable shelter that is made out of cloth. It is supported by poles and stretched tight by loops or cords that are attached to pegs pushed into the ground.

A hammock is defined as a bed made of either rope mesh or canvas. It is suspended from two supports with the help of cords at both ends.

If you think about traditional hammocks, then there is nothing common between a hammock and a tent other than the fact that they are both sleeping areas made of cloth. There are several differences like a hammock does not have a roof, it is not weather protected, etc. So why would anyone want to sleep in the wild outside without a roof?

Well, the main reason is comfort. A hammock is much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground with rocks and tree roots. For this reason, improvements have been made to the design of a hammock by adding a mosquito net and a trap for waterproofing.   

Pole Tent vs Frame Tent - Comparison Overview

Frame tents will not have any center pole and are freestanding, or the poles are not driven in the ground. You have to do more work to set up a frame tent because there are a lot of parts that need assembling, and they are expensive. A pole tent, on the other hand, will have a center pole and side poles. They are less expensive and easier to install. Some people prefer frame tent because it does not have an obstruction in the middle, while others like the style and ease of the pole tent.    

Outdoor events are made possible with frame tent. (Source)

How to Pitch a Tent

When going camping, the first thing is to know how to set up your tent. Without a tent, the whole vacation is ruined. It is not as difficult as many would have you believe. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be good to go.

These instructions are for a tunnel type tent.

  1. Lay out all the parts: outer, inner, poles, pegs. 

  2. The poles are color-coded to match the tap on the tent. 

  3. Look for a dry and flat spot that is not under a tree to pitch your tent. 

  4. Peg each corner and slip the poles through their sleeves in the tent. 

  5. Unzip the doors to avoid making a vacuum inside. 

  6. Pop in the pin in one end of the pole and start lifting on each side (two-person job). 

  7. Add the pin on the other end as well. 

  8. Do the same thing with the remaining poles. 

  9. Peg out the guy lines for wind protection in about 45° angle.

For more tips and tricks, watch the video given below.    

How to Clean a Tent

Maintaining your tent is important if you use it a lot. Even if you don’t, after even a single outing, it’s a good option to do a thorough cleaning.

  1. First sweep the tent when it is set up to remove any dust.

  2. Grab one side and shake gently to remove dust from outside.

  3. Pull up the tent and sweep the bottom before placing on a clean surface.

  4. Fill a tub with cold water and non-detergent soap.

  5. Using a soft rag dipped in that water, wash the outside and inside.

  6. Let it dry away from sunlight.

  7. When dried, disassemble the tent.

  8. Hang it on a cloth line to further dry the bottom of the tent.

  9. Then pack it away and store in a cool, dry place.

If it’s still unclear, make sure to watch the video given below for clarification.

Tent Camping Tips and Hacks

When camping, you need to be careful about your health and safety. A tent is not just a place to sleep in, but it can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. You need to choose one that is suitable for the time of year and the place you are going camping. Just keep some of these features in mind to help you.


If you are going to be using the tent in summer, then this should be on the top of your list. Tents can have large doors or multiple doors and even windows for cross ventilation. These control condensation and keeps you comfortable. Some also have roof ventilation that can be closed and opened whenever needed. A large mesh is suggested.


Footprints are like mats that are placed under the tent to protect it from the ground. It adds to the tent’s life and keeps it clean from moisture and minor tearing. If your tent is expensive, then buying a footprint is a good option; you don’t want the purchase to go to waste. When buying the footprint, first measure the size of your tent, if there isn’t a specific footprint for that model. You can also use a trap as a footprint. 

Tent footprint in use. (Source)

Weather Protection

Many campers prefer to camp when the weather is clear, but if you are more of an adventurist, then you might run into rain or storms. But even if you have checked the weather, it is always better to be cautious. They should have ample weather protection. The fabric is treated to different coatings to achieve this.

For example, cotton is treated with paraffin. Silicone and polyurethane coatings are also common. Furthermore, the seams are sealed to block any holes and keep water out. Tents often have their water-resistance measurements with them in the hydrostatic head (mm). 1500 to 2000 mm is a good start. The tents that don’t have these protections can be used with a rainfly. It is a separate material that you can use to cover your tent in case of rain.


Vestibule means a chamber or a channel opening to another. In tents, vestibules are covered areas outside used to store your luggage and mussy shoes. It keeps your things secure while keeping the sleeping area clean and uncluttered. 


We have discussed different types of tents, the best ones you can buy and shared some tips and tricks with you. Hopefully, you will now make an informed decision and check for quality, material, and weather protection before buying to get the most out of your money.

People Also Ask

While we have tried to include all the relevant information, if there are still any unanswered questions regarding tents left, make sure to read the following section of frequently asked questions. Hopefully, you will find the clarification you are looking for. 

How to Waterproof a Tent?

The first option is to buy a tent that has waterproofing, but if yours isn’t waterproof, then there are things you can do to add this feature like sealing the seams with a waterproof coating. You can also place a trap over the tent and under it for extra layers.  

Do You Waterproof the Inside or Outside of a Tent?

The outside of the tent needs waterproofing.

What is a Tent Footprint?

A footprint is a piece of cloth like the trap, but it is placed underneath the tent on the ground to keep the floor clean and protected from tears.

How to Wash a Tent?

A detailed section of properly washing tents has been given above. But let’s give you a run-down again. You first need to wipe off the dust. Then, you need to wash it using a rag dipped in a mixture of soap and cold water. Finally, you just need to let it dry on its own. 

How to Stay Warm in a Tent?

If you are camping in cold weather, then the first thing you should do is buy a double-layered tent which is made for such weather. Moreover, you can have a sleeping bag, some blankets, a warm water bottle, and some rugs. You can also wear warm clothes and use a portable heater but with caution.

How to Cool a Tent Without Electricity?

Choose a camping area that is not in direct sunlight and buy a tent with plenty of ventilation for air circulation. Some people use space blankets to cover the tent to reflect sunlight.

Do You Need a Tarp Under Tent?

The trap under the tent is basically a footprint which is discussed above. It is not the most essential part but is recommended if you want to keep the tent in good shape.

3 Season vs. 4 Season Tent - Which Option Should I Go With?

3 season tents are the most versatile but are not made for the extreme cold. That is where 4 season tents come in. 

What is a 3 Season Tent?

A 3 season tent is a tent that can be used in summer, spring, and autumn.

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