Best 30-06 Scopes (2020 Round-up Review)

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The 30-06 is a very popular shooting rifle. It was designed and manufactured for the US Army in 1906. It was later demobilized from military usage and became a favorite for hunting and sports shooting activities. With its accurate, reliable, and versatile performance, it has managed to gather an army of loyal firearms enthusiasts over the course of several decades. 

It is certainly one of the most flexible units out there. Look around, and you will see a 30-06 used for almost everything. Be it inexpensive plinking or close and long-range big game hunting; it is a preferred rifle of beginners as well as experts. 

If you are a proud owner of the old 30-06, you will need a good rifle scope to obtain reliable and consistent results. A good scope offers a suitable range of magnification as well as a clear and bright objective lens to facilitate you in taking a successful shot. 

If you are not sure about which scope to buy for your 30-06, don’t worry. We have compiled a list of some of the best 30-06 scopes available on the market. The list is followed by a detailed review of each product. We have also included all the information about them so you won't have any difficulty in finding a suitable one for yourself. 

Comparison of the Best 30-06 Scopes

  • Finger-click adjustments improves overall use
  • Completely water- and fog-proof
  • Very high abrasion resistance
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  • Equipped with an extra-low dispersion glass
  • Fully multi-coated lenses for bright sight
  • Tube is shockproof and durable
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  • Best for the Money
  • Boasts with good long-range accuracy
  • Better accuracy with parallax adjustment
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  • Best 30-06 Scope with Bullet Drop Compensator
  • Offers a bright sight picture
  • Eye relief is very good and effective
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  • Best Scope for 30-06 Elk Hunting
  • Comes with generous windage and elevation adjustment
  • Low dispersion glass for better resolution
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How Accurate is a 30-06?

The accuracy of a rifle depends upon the kind of rifle and its shooter. You can have the most accurate of all rifles, but you won’t succeed in achieving a successful shot if you cannot aim well. The 30-06 is an ex-military rifle, so it is certainly one of the most accurate rifles on the market. Its inherent accuracy won it many long-range shooting records that go up till 1,000 yards. 

Later, it lost to magnums for their flatter shooting trajectory. People claim that 308 has better accuracy than 30-06. They relate it to its shorter case. But when tested with a right rifle and load combination, we deducted that at varying distances up to 300 yards, the two have a tie in accuracy and trajectory. 

A good 30-06 rifle is perfectly capable of MOA at long distances, but you need to work out the right load. Most importantly, practice. Practice is the ultimate determiner of accuracy. 

What Size of Scope Do I Need For a 30-06?

While 30-06 is one of the most readily available rifles on the market, finding the right accessories for it is the actual challenge. Since most people will be shooting at long ranges with it, you will need a quality scope to utilize it at its full potential. Here is a guide to choosing the right size of scope for a 30-06. 

Tube Diameter

Riflescopes are manufactured as either one-inch scopes or 30mm scopes. The numbers actually refer to the outer diameter of the scope tube. When we compare them both, the latter has a bigger internal adjustment range. Rest assured that none of them is better than the other. Actually, it is a matter of personal preference. If you are shooting in harsh conditions, it is better to go with a 30mm scope. Otherwise, a one-inch scope works fine as well. 


This rifle is best suited for long-range shooting, so it is best to buy a scope with a proper magnification range. The higher the magnification range, the farther the scope will zoom. Scopes are available with either a fixed/single or variable magnification. It is always better to go for a variable one because it allows you to switch between different magnifications and increases the effective range and adaptability. 

Objective Lens

The objective lens also determines the size of the scope. A larger objective lens can gather more light and enable you to shoot easily, even in low-light conditions. When choosing a scope for your 30-06, aim for one that features an objective lens of either 40mm or 50mm. Ideally, go for a 50mm objective lens. Also, never compromise on its quality. Absolutely reject it if it is dim or hinders your vision in any way. 


Weight is also a determiner of size. Most people believe that greater weight is a sign of durability. While this is true to some extent, in the case of rifle scopes, it is not. When you pull the trigger, you experience a kick or recoil. A lighter scope is likely to disperse the recoil more easily than a heavier one. 

Review of the Best 30-06 Scopes

If you are an avid hunter, you will most definitely have a 30-06 rifle in your collection. It is one of the most accurate and reliable rifles. Ask any professional, and he/she will agree that it is one of their favorites. For such a rifle, you need a dependable scope that complements its performance. Here is a detailed rundown of some of the best 30-06 scopes that you can look into. 

Best Overall:
Leupold VX-3i


  • Lenses are treated for sharper vision
  • Offers a number of reticle options
  • Waterproof construction is also fog-proof
  • Aluminum tube construction is very sturdy
  • Easily adjustable turrets with audible click stops


  • Eye relief is poor in quality
  • Turrets lack a zero stop and are not resettable

What Recent Buyers Report 

Recent buyers love the fact that this is one hundred percent American designed, made, and assembled. They report that it is way better than any imported scopes. The turret settings, focus, and magnification controls were superior in tactile function. The gold ring on the end is also a major source of attraction.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This is one affordable rifle scope. Equipped with a 40mm objective lens, it offers a wide field of vision. The glass used for creating its lenses is high-quality, durable, and treated to deliver a sharp view. A wide magnification range of 3.5x to 10x also classifies it as a superb scope for hunting.

It is a complete package of great features since it is compact, lightweight, and completely waterproof. Moreover, its lens is fog-proof.

Bottom Line

To wrap up, we will say that this is a kind of scope that you will fall in love with once you start using it. It will win you over with its excellent features and functionality. It offers reliable optics and good field performance at a very affordable price.

Vortex Optics Diamondback


  • Comes at a very attractive price
  • Lenses are made from high-quality glass
  • Turret can be reset at zero after sighting in
  • Multicoated for an increased light transmission
  • Zoom is very smooth even in the most unfavorable conditions


  • Turrets are not very good at tracking
  • Viewing window is slightly smaller than most scopes

What Recent Buyers Report 

This is reported to be a beautiful piece of glass. Even the buyers who had serious doubts about its quality were surprised by its performance that actually surpassed all their expectations. They really like that the parallax settings are spot-on, and the reticle is very eye-friendly. The eye relief is also very effective in preventing scope bite.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We like this scope because it has a lot to offer. It is constructed from durable materials that feature a high-quality finish. The turrets are tight and well-mounted. There is no chance of accidental twisting caused by moving around in the case or bumping into other things.

The magnification is very smooth and easy to use. It offers amazing clarity throughout the 4x to 15x power. At 16x, you might notice a little dip, but that is all too expected when a scope is stretched to its limit.

Bottom Line

Although it poses a number of advantages, Vortex Optics Diamondback is a scope worth buying mainly for its cost. The amazingly low price is bound to put anyone in doubt about its performance. But once you try it out, you won’t be able to resist it for its useful features and unbeatable durability.

Best for the Money:
Burris Fullfield II


  • Build quality is very good
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Features a large objective lens for better viewing
  • Equipped with a Parallax removal feature to improve your accuracy
  • Wide magnification range is good for both long and short-range shooting


  • A bulky scope
  • Focus ring is integrative

What Recent Buyers Report 

People who have recently invested in this scope have a lot of good things to report about it. The first thing they like is its sturdy build, which is closely followed by its impressive magnification power. They also love the reticle that is very clean and has drop compensation marks.

Although it is reported to be slightly heavier and bulky than other 30-06 scopes, it outmatches all of them in performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The one thing that actually made it stand out to us is its lifetime warranty. Although other manufacturers also provide lifetime warranty coverage, they follow them up with very strict rules and regulations. However, with Burris Fullfield II, you can rest assured that your warranty claim will be fulfilled as they are quite lenient and dedicated to the fulfillment of their warranties.

Bottom Line

In all, this scope is designed to improve your aim. It includes adjustable elevation and windage turrets in its design. You can also remove parallax for better aim and accurate shot. All in all, it is a versatile scope that will assist you in both long and close-range hunting.

Best 30-06 Scope with Bullet Drop Compensator:
Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40 BDC


  • Lenses are treated to be non-reflective
  • Boasts Nikon’s legendary build and design
  • Features a bullet-drop compensating reticle
  • Eye relief is very comfortable and consistent
  • Lenses are designed according to Nikon’s market-leading standards


  • Focus is preset and non-adjustable
  • Mounting space appears to be inadequate

What Recent Buyers Report 

According to users, this scope is an excellent product, even for its price. Users really like the sharp image and easy zoom operation. They also found the BDC reticle to be very accurate and helpful for both short and long-range shooting. It does not have a side focus, which some users think is very important.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This scope comes from the optics titan, Nikon. With its 3x to 9x magnification power, it is specially designed for mid-range shooting. Though it can reach out and reach a somewhat longer range, it is essentially more suitable for short and mid-range hunting expeditions. It offers crops and clear image quality, even at dusk and dawn when visibility is very low. The consistently comfortable eye relief is also worth mentioning.

Bottom Line

The realm of professional game hunting is incomplete without the mention of Nikon and its amazing 3-9x40mm scopes. The Buckmasters series is a popular one, and this scope is one of its most-sought after rifle scopes. They are designed to withstand the harshest hunting and shooting conditions. All of this certainly makes it a good option for you to consider.

Best Scope for 30-06 Elk Hunting:
Vortex Optics Viper PST


  • Features a robust 30mm main tube
  • Equipped with a First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle
  • Comes with tactical adjustments and zero stop
  • Lenses are multi-coated for lower dispersion optics
  • Variable zoom is perfect for both medium and long-range shooting


  • Not suitable for close-range shooting
  • Eye relief appears inadequate at lower magnification

What Recent Buyers Report 

Buyers who recently bought this scope are very satisfied with its quality and performance. They really like the fact that it can withstand the harshest recoil easily. They also report that its turrets are delightful, and the reticle light is great. Convinced that it is worthy of every penny they have spent over it, buyers are now highly recommending it to other potential buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is a top-of-the-line First Focal Plane (FFP) scope that comes at a premium price. Its rugged body features a number of great features that we can all ask for in a scope. Its capability to deliver bright and clear images, even in low light, makes it a good choice for long-range hunting and shooting.

It also provides users with detailed hold points without compromising the viewing field. All of these make this scope perfectly capable of aiding you over a wide range of applications.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to get the bang for your bucks, you should look into purchasing this scope from Vortex. It is designed to last for years while maintaining its top condition. With its rugged design and high performance, this is a good choice for shooters who want to be at the top and take advantage of any situation.

People Also Ask

The fun of hunting increases ten-fold when you have the right combination of rifle and ammo at your disposal. The 30-06 is a versatile riflescope that is highly effective for big-game hunting. If you are still confused about it, here are some common questions to resolve your concerns and confusion. 

What Does 30-06 Mean?

The American system of cartridge designation includes an assortment of misnomers or nicknames, and that can be confusing or misleading. The 30 in the 30-06 refers to the diameter of the bullet. While the 06 stands for the year 1906 when the US Army adopted this cartridge. 

How Far Will a 30 06 Bullet Travel?

The 30-06 are rifles made for hunters and snipers. When you are firing at a known long-range, you prefer a scope that offers precise and reliable adjustments. This allows you to put the main reticle right on the target without any confusion. 

The 30-06 firing a flat-based 180-grain spitzer bullet at 2,700 fps will travel 4,100 yards. If you load a boat-tailed bullet of the same weight and muzzle velocity, it will travel no less than 5,600 yards or 3.2 miles.

How Fast Does a 30-06 Bullet Travel?

The 30-06 is one of the most effective cartridges, especially for big-game hunting. What makes it a preferred rifle is the wide range of bullet weights and styles available along with the good velocities that make it truly versatile. The lightest 30-06 Bullet weighing at 150 grams travels at 2,910 ft./s. Meanwhile, the heaviest at 220 grams travels at a speed of 2,500 ft./s. 

What Size Bullet Does a 30 06 Use?

A 30-06 utilizes a 7.62 x 63mm bullet. The bullet weight varies from 3.6 grams for a sub-caliber bullet in a sabot. Meanwhile, solid bullets are available in a weight range of 7.1 grams to 14.3 grams. Loads are available with reduced velocity and pressure, as well as increased velocity and pressure for stronger firearms.

How Much Kick Does a 30 06 Have?

Every rifle kicks or recoils when its weight decreases in comparison to the weight of the bullets it is shooting. The more weight and speed of a bullet, the more recoil you will experience. Firing a 180-grain bullet at 3,000 fps with an 8.5-pound rifle will produce a kick of 22 foot-pounds. 

What is The Maximum Effective Range of a 30 06?

When it was initially tested out with its original spire point bullet, it was able to yield an amazing firing range of 1,000 yards. The point-blank range for a stationary man-sized target is reported at 500 yards. It should be noted that most military rifles were certainly not able to take advantage of its range, but today’s sporting rifles are completely capable of doing so. 

Is a 30-06 a Good Long Range Rifle?

Although 30-06 is not a dedicated long-range rifle, it won’t embarrass you in a 1,000-yard match. It is a good range rifle, but it is nothing compared to a big magnum shot by a top shooter. It has been used to win a number of short, medium, and long-range target shooting matches. This is why it is good for big game hunts. 

Which is More Powerful 308 or 30-06?

While 30-06 is a readily available rifle caliber, 308 has gained the reputation as a great well-rounded cartridge for hunting and precision. You are just as likely to find a premium match ammo in 308 as in 30-06. But for hunters who prefer rifle cartridge handloading, 30-06 is a versatile scope that offers additional case capacity. 

How Much is a 30-06 Rifle?

The money you spend on a rifle is determined by the kind of rifle you want. Choosing between a used and a new one, and a commercial and a military surplus design is all dependent upon the amount of money you want to spend. You can get a good 30-06 rifle anywhere between $225 and $700.

When Was The 30-06 Invented?

The 30-06 was invented in 1906. It was made for the United States Army and replaced the .30-03, 6mm Lee Navy, and .30-40 Krag cartridges. It served as the primary rifle and machine-gun cartridge for the US Army for nearly 50 years. It was later standardized and was in regular use till the latest 1970s.


The 30-06 is a favored rifle amongst hunters worldwide. It offers both the speed and trajectory to manage long-range kill shots. It is the go-to for hunting medium and large-sized game. We’ll tell you why. It is an ex-military cartridge, so you can completely trust its performance.

Above, we have listed some of the best 30-06 scopes. Each has its pros and cons but is essentially good in its own category. You can go over these and choose one that is more suitable for your hunting needs. Rest assured that it will not disappoint you in any way.