Best 7mm Rem Mag Scopes – 2020 Complete Round-up

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The cartridge 7mm Rem Mag has been around since 1962 and is popular for its hard-hitting power over long distances. However, this precision cannot be achieved single-handedly; having a good scope is essential for success.

As 7mm rounds require coverage of a certain range and have specific recoil needs, they call for a good 7mm scope that can work alongside to provide the best results. 

Because of the diversity of 7mm Rem Mag in the market today, it can get overwhelming to choose the one best suited to your needs. To make a good purchasing decision, you should know all about a rifle scope, which is why we have broken it down for you below. 

Comparison of the Best 7mm Rem Mag Scopes

  • Equipped with a long eye-relief feature
  • Made from strong and high-quality materials to be durable
  • Turrets can be easily adjusted with the fingers
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  • Made strong and durable to last longer
  • Multi-coated optics for clear viewing
  • Constructed to be waterproof for long lasting effect
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  • Best for the Money
  • There are many extras included with this scope
  • Includes easy to read ranging information
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  • Best Long Range Scope For 7mm Rem Mag
  • A dead-hold BDC reticle included for improved shooting
  • Target style elevations with HS and LR exposure
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  • Comes with an adjustable objective lens included
  • Multi-coated for improved brightness
  • Constructed to be waterproof and durable
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How Does a Rifle Scope Work? 

Zooming in on the details of a rifle scope, it has four core features;


There are two lenses on a scope; the bigger one is the objective lens and is located at the end. It helps in providing light to the ocular lens, which is the smaller one. Both of these are water and fog proof.


These markers come in handy when the shooter wants the shot's exact precision before pulling the trigger. Some scopes allow for different magnifications, such as three to nine times. Through a ‘power ring’ on the scope, the user can alter the magnification setting. 

Vortex Crossfire II 6-24x50

Windage and Elevation Adjustment 

This helps in aligning the scope with the rifle. The windage adjustment tweaks the horizontal settings on a scope, while the elevation adjustment changes the vertical settings.


This is the main body of the riflescope and comes in two main diameter sizes; one inch and 30-millimeter tubes. Identifying the scope’s diameter is important for choosing the right mounting rings, which are needed to connect the scope to the rifle.

The first step is mounting a scope to the rifle. Scope bases come in various styles and are connected using clamps or screws. Then the mounting rings are attached directly to the lower part of the scope base. Next, the user needs to fix the rifle in a gun vise and apply a thin layer of oil on the base and rings. 

The rifle is set in place at about 25 yards from the target, and a bore sighter is installed. Following the scope magnification's adjustment to its highest level, the top rings are secured loosely, so the user is flexible when it comes to adjusting the scope's position. 

When Would a Scope Come in Handy on a 7mm Rem Mag? 

Using a 7mm Rem Mag scope greatly reduces the user's dependability on the eye and offers more flexible use of the rifle. It is an essential requirement in the security and hunting industries for the reasons expanded on below;

Military Use 

Scopes for military sniping usually have large objective lenses because the shot is taken from a distance of usually more than 200 yards. This requires powerful scopes with a 12x magnification range and enhanced light transmission, enabling the user to see the target more clearly. 


Hunters normally require small lenses for their 7mm Rem Mag as they set targets at close distances of around 100 yards for a big game. This calls for 7x or 8x scope magnification, especially if you are in a dense forest rather than plain land.  

Night Vision

Originally, night vision scopes were used to trace enemy targets at night. Nowadays, its usage is widespread for military, security, and law enforcement agencies that make use of thermal imaging and image-enhancement features in it. This helps them highlight disturbing objects or spaces at crime scenes. In the hunting industry, night vision scopes for 7mm Rem Mag are used if your target is nocturnal.  

What Makes a Great Scope for the 7mm Rem Mag? 

The exceptional shooting range of the 7mm calls for a scope that keeps up with the Rem Mag name. A good-quality 7mm Rem Mag scope must have the following basic features for it to work effectively; 


Since the recoil rate of this rifle is high and is mostly used in rough terrains, the build of the scope should be such that it withstands those conditions. Features such as waterproof and fog-proof add to the durability of the scope. 


Magnification can either be fixed or variable. As the 7mm Rem is mostly used for long-range shooting, a variable magnification scope should be on hand. 


Lenses help in producing clear images of the target, even in low-light conditions. Scopes with multi-coated lenses help the user see a more crisp and true-to-tone image, regardless of the time of day.

Turrets and Reticle

Rifles when used for hunting call for fast turret adjustments; therefore, turrets must be user-friendly.

Moreover, reticles such as BDC or mil-dot support long ranges and are super compatible with the 7mm Rem Magnum rifles.

Review of the Best 7mm Rem Mag Scopes 

Considering the factors mentioned above, we have reviewed the best scopes 7mm Rem Mag Scopes below. All the listed units have the basic features needed to get the best accuracy and performance out of a 7mm Rem Magnum round.

Best Overall:
Vortex Crossfire II 6-24x50


  • Has an adjustable parallax
  • Holds zero quite effectively
  • Provides a precise and clear projection
  • User can switch to a high magnification setting
  • Enables zooming from a large distance of about 1000 yards


  • A bit bulky

What Recent Buyers Report

Known for its exceptional long-range shooting capability, the Vortex Crossfire is well-liked by most users for its variable magnification of six to 24x times from a distance of 1000 yards and beyond. It is also liked for its quick focus speed, which is the most important feature of any good scope. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Equipped with a 50mm large objective lens, this unit comes with adjustability so that the user can get sufficient light to produce clear target images. At the same time, it gives the user control over the parallax, which maintains the distance. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which gives it everlasting durability and a lightweight body. 

In addition to this, the tube is water and shockproof. Capping is done on the turrets, and the windage and elevation are adjustable. There is an audible click for adjustments. The focus speed is fast so users can re-adjust in no time, and the resetting is also effortless right after sighting in. The specialized reticle lets the user shoot at different angles. 

Bottom Line

For the features and freedom it offers its users, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II is offered at a good value for money. Being a long-range scope with remarkably clear vision features and flexible parallax, you cannot get any better for accurate distant shooting. 

Bushnell 616185 Dusk & Dawn


  • Materiality allows it to be highly durable
  • Has a low profile to easily blend in the surrounding
  • Produces clear target visuals at varied zoom-in levels
  • Very good for low-light conditions such as dawn and dusk


  • A bit lengthy in size
  • Operated by a battery, so it needs to be charged regularly

What Recent Buyers Report 

Ideal for hunting purposes, the Bushnell dusk, and dawn scope come in a lot of variations,  and this is something appreciated by all hunters. It is best liked for its efficient working in low-light conditions, thus the name. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Giving exceptionally focused visuals, this scope’s multi-coated lens is one of their kind. The body, made of aluminum, can endure high-pressure environments. It is also resistant to water and fog, so you can use it with multiple adjustment features for added flexibility. Its eye relief is 3.3 inches which are very effective in taking care of the 7mm Rem Mag recoil. 

The duplex reticle is great for hunting game in uneven or dense terrains. It is great for hunting big and fast games like deer. It also has a clear sighting apparatus which allows for hunting targets in low lights such as coyotes.

Bottom Line  

Best for low-light conditions, this Bushnell scope makes for a great low-profile choice for your 7mm Rem Mag. It is also amongst the more affordable options and can do a pretty good job if bought for hunting purposes. 

Best for the Money:
Monstrum Tactical 6-24x50 FFP  


  • A high powered scope
  • Equipped with a first focal plane
  • Body is sleek and very lightweight
  • Offered at a great value for money 
  • Has an illuminated rangefinder reticle


  • Functions on a battery 
  • Misses out on most of the high-end adjustability options

What Recent Buyers Report 

Coming under the canopy of value scopes, this Monstrum Tactical G2 scope is the best variable magnification of its kind, offering a zoom of 6x-24x. Users have reported it to hold a good target from various distances. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The best thing about this scope is its 50mm lens, which is one of the best sizes out there for long-range target detection. It also lets extra light in so that the result is better in low-light conditions. When used alongside the eye relief of four inches, it provides an exceptionally spacious vision. It also consists of a unique focusing mechanism that lets the user expand onto the target as they zoom in. 

The main advantage that users get from this scope is the usage of its bullet drop compensator, which can predict the drop of the bullet. Scopes with these features don’t come cheap, but G2 is an exception; it offers all high-end features of adjustability at a very small price point. Users get to adjust the optics at different levels, and the color variations of the reticle allow for a more wholesome shooting experience. 

Bottom Line 

Offering high-end features in a single package at an affordable price point, this optic scope has raised the benchmark for all others. If you want good value for money without missing out on any adjustment features, this one is your best bet. 

Best Long-Range Scope for 7mm Rem Mag:
Vortex Optics Viper HS LR


  • Can hold zero very well
  • Has an adjustable parallax
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Offers a high magnification range
  • Offers clear projection over long distances 


  • Heavier than other scopes 

What Recent Buyers Report

Best known for its long-range shooting, this scope also has an exceptional variable magnification of 6x-24x, which allows users to catch targets even beyond 1000 yards. Some more highlighted features in reviews include its 50mm large lens and adjustable objective. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

For those who seek aesthetics alongside functionality in their gears, this one hits the mark. Users get to align the objective concerning the parallax at a certain distance, which is a huge benefit. It has a sturdy build of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it light to carry easily and gives it exceptional durability. 

It is also O-ring sealed and purged with nitrogen to make it water and shockproof. It also makes use of the fast-focus eyepiece for the ultimate sighting experience. It can shoot targets from varying angles, which is something that not all scopes allow at this price point. 

Bottom Line

Having exceptionally clear optics and long-range zooming ability, it is the number one choice for professional hunters who like to hunt big games from a distance with accuracy. So if you are looking for a reliable scope and don’t mind spending a little extra, the Vortex Optics Viper is the way to go. 

Editor's Pick:
Bushnell 614124 Dusk & Dawn


  • Body is compact and sturdy
  • Shows promising results in low-light conditions
  • Uses parallax focus to allow setting target over 100 yards 
  • Good for hunting small to medium game like deer and turkeys
  • Has an adjustable objective lens which is great for long-range shooting


  • Has to be charged after using it for a few hours 

What Recent Buyers Report 

Mostly used for field practice and hunting medium game, this scope is liked for its feature-packed nature at a low price point. Many have reported it to work remarkably under low-light settings, which sets it at direct competition with scopes that cost double its price. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Compact and sturdy, this scope makes for a great choice for those looking for the very best in the market but have a tight budget. It has a great build, and its variable magnification allows for a great field of view. It also offers protection from water and fog, so you don’t have to worry about using it in various atmospheric conditions. 

A definite bonus is the parallax correction via the objective lens adjustment; this brings up the target's accuracy by a notch. The variable zoom from 4x to 12x is also capable of producing high-quality images of the target. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, this scope is designed to have the best objective lens. This makes its performance unmatchable when compared with other optic scopes at this price point. Overall, this is a hassle-free and reliable unit for hunting. 

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Scope for a 7mm Rem Mag

Choosing among scopes for a 7mm Rem Mag is not an easy decision because many features need to be considered. To make you realize the importance of each, we have expanded on the use of the essential ones below;


This is the foremost requirement if you want a crisp and clear view of the image. Multi-coated ones enhance the amount of light that is transmitted, which makes them better. Users can control the wind speed and accuracy with a good lens. Another lens feature to look out for is a large objective so that you get the best vision even at low-light settings. 

Scope Types

Fixed and variable scopes are both good, depending on the usage or purpose. For example, a variable scope makes a great choice for hunting over varying distances, but when you usually have the same distance, a fixed scope would make a better option.  

Eye Relief

This is responsible for maintaining a safe distance between your eyes and the ocular lens, which in turn protects your eye from recoil.  


The build of the scope’s body and features such as fog, water and shockproof allowing it to last longer and thus promise good value for money. The best material you can get a scope in is aircraft-grade aluminum. 

Rifle Scope Magnification vs. Distance - Comparison Overview 

To understand the relationship between rifle scope magnification and distance, it becomes imperative to understand the scope magnification reading off the scope’s specs. This includes two numbers; the first is the magnification level itself, and the second is the diameter of the objective lens.

So, for example, 8.5×50 means it has 8.5× zoom capability and a 50mm objective lens. The magnification can be measured through the thickness, curvature, diameter, and material of the lenses. Using these, the user can find out the optical capabilities of the lenses. 

Reflection vs. Reality

The difference between them can easily be understood through this. The image that is viewed via the ocular lens is a reflection attained through the light transmission. So anything seen via 4× magnification scope will seem to be four times closer than its real distance. What is at 400 yards will seem like it is only at a 100 yards away.

Inverse Relationship

Magnification and distance share an inverse relationship; with increasing magnification, the perceived distance to the target decreases. 

How to Sight in a 7mm Rifle Scope

To sight into a 7mm rifle scope, you need proper front rest, preferably a bipod along with a rearrest to ensure optimal stability. A sandbag can be used as a rear bag. Also, make sure you have proper eye and ear protection along with the ammunition. Before getting straight into the trigger pulling part, follow the steps given below for proper sighting.  

1. Set the bore-sight and make the magnification setting, which can be full power for long distances. Then focus the parallax and make sure that the reticle isn’t wobbly when you shift your head position. 

2. Once you have that, try the shot out to see how close it lands to the set target. Then make the necessary adjustments. Dial 3 MOA left and three MOA down if you have 12 clicks in each direction.  

3. Re-apply the turret caps and be ready to shoot some more! If you are planning to dial your turrets in the field for a long-range shot to compensate for elevation or win, expose the turrets and take a coin to unscrew the turret and align the zero on cap with the zero indicators. 

If you need visual guidance, you can follow the video given below;


As a powerful round, the 7mm Rem Mag has extraordinary capabilities for shooting over long ranges. This raises the benchmark for scopes, which should match the performance and durability of the rifle. If you manage to get one that is strong enough to endure the recoil and has high magnification power, you are good to go. 

People Also Ask

If you have gone through the tedious process of choosing amongst the overwhelming variety of scopes for your 7mm Rem Mag, you are surely still left with numerous questions regarding its features. To help save your time, we have answered some frequently asked questions below;

How Far Can a 7mm Mag Shoot Accurately?

A good range of a 7mm Rem Mag is up to 400 yards for the light game and plain terrain. For the heavy game, it can offer magnification settings for up to 300 yards. However, if you are a professional and know how to handle a rifle for long-range shooting, you can go up to mile/1760 yards easily. 

How to Line Up a Scope up on 7mm Rem Mag

This process is known as sighting and requires time and patience to get the best results. If your rifle has a high recoil rate, you need to have eye relief. The first step is to tighten the screws on the mounting rings to secure the scope in the mount. After tightening the rings, set a target of 100 yards away from your position. Then install the bore sighter in the muzzle and line it up with the scope's reticle until the crosshairs align. 

What Does Rem Mag Mean?

The name comes from the 7mm Remington Magnum rifle cartridge, which came about in 1962. It is obtained directly from the famous .375 H&H Magnum. Its original purpose was to give headspace control and reduced recoil. 

Do You Need a Scope to Hunt With the 7mm Rem Mag?

If you are shooting at close distance and have been in practice for a while, you don’t require a 7mm Rem Mag. However, to cover large distances and to get the best out of this rifle, a scope becomes essential. Having your vision on sight constantly can impact hunting capabilities negatively. This is where a scope comes in; it provides flexibility and ease of use with the target's quick location.