Best Mini 14 Scope Mounts of 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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The Mini-14 rifle is well-known for its reliability, strength, sturdiness, and precision. However, to utilize the most out of this weapon, you need to pair your rifle with a quality scope mount to accessorize it.

In this article, you will find everything in detail about a suitable scope mount for a mini-14.

We have reviewed some of the best available products to complete your hunting setup. Read on to find their pros and cons and things to consider before buying a scope mount.

Comparison of the Best Mini 14 Scope Mounts 

  • Made of aluminum for a durable, lightweight design
  • Features a folding design for a low-profile performance
  • Sturdy, ambidextrous construction ensures versatility
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  • Perfect fit for Mini-30 and Mini-14 ranch rifles
  • Easy to attach since there is no gunsmithing necessary
  • Favors a quick target acquisition due to the long eye relief
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  • Best for the Money
  • It is a robust mount for the Mini-14
  • Not required to drill and replace the rear sight
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  • Best Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Scope Mount
  • Easy to install, not required to remove the rear iron sight
  • Provides long eye relief which ensures a quick target acquisition
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  • Best B Square Mini 14 Scope Mount
  • Boasts a silver anodized design
  • Aluminum construction ensures durability and a lightweight performance
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  • Best Mini 14 Scope Mount Picatinny Rail
  • Full depth and width recoil slots ensure maximum bearing surface
  • Made of premium-quality steel for durability
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What Type of Scope Mount Do I Need for a Mini-14?

There are plenty of bad-quality scope mounts present in the market. Some of them can even cause injuries to the user, making it essential to pick the right type. Here’s what you need to consider to make the right choice:


A steel mount is considered the best since it can absorb shocks and impacts from numerous recoils.


Good quality does not always come with a huge price tag. Therefore, we always recommend hunters and shooters to go for products that match well with their budget but have good, reliable features as well.


If you are someone who travels a lot with their gun, then a scope mount that is heavy or bulky should not be on your list. Choose a lightweight unit that can fit in your backpack and is also easy to use.

Are Scope Mounts Universal?

No, scope mounts are not universal by any means. Two different rifle models might need entirely different types of mounts. Designers keep on changing the rifle design to make it more efficient and easy to operate. Similarly, the mounts keep on changing for different models of rifles.

However, it is possible to get a universal scope mount for different rifle models in case they have the same fittings. So, if you own multiple rifles with similar fittings and designs, you may buy one mount that fits them all.

Review of the Best Mini 14 Scope Mounts

Choosing a scope mount for your Mini-14 can be tricky. There are lots of different models and variations available. However, we've gathered the best Mini 14 scope mounts available and reviewed them for your assistance.

Best Overall:
PM 181 Series

PM Ruger Mini-14 Scope Mount 181 Series


  • Holds the zero quite well
  • Easy to install even for beginners
  • Simple and sleek black paint exterior
  • Compatible with all Weaver-style rings
  • Exceptional durability that withstands all impacts


  • Not compatible with all sorts of scopes
  • Fitting might come loose after extensive use

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit has numerous positive reviews and feedbacks, which clearly indicate that this is a good purchase for pro-level and intermediate-level shooters. Some buyers were also first-time users and reported it to be easy to install. Quality fitting is another reason why buyers are attracted to it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are tired of flimsy scope mounts that ruin your scope settings, then the PM 181 is the ideal pick. The steel construction of this product is a clear sign of its longevity and durability. The design is simple, with quality construction accompanied by brand reliability. Moreover, this tool is excellent at holding zero, which makes it easy to use.

The PM 181 Series is not only perfect for professionals, but it is ideal for beginners too. It comes with an affordable price tag packed with great functionality and advanced features.

Bottom Line

Precisely, this is one of the best on the market with robust metal construction and diverse compatibility. This product is worth every single penny. Just install it, then place your scope, and you are good to go for hunting or sport shooting.

G&G GGG-1382BD

G&G GGG-1382BD Mini -14 Ranch Rifle Mil-STD-1913X 40mm Mount - Silver


  • Compatible with almost all scopes
  • Does not wiggle or move from its place
  • Excellent durability and absorbs shocks
  • Easy installation, does not require a gunsmith
  • Aircraft-grade, high-quality aluminum construction


  • Incorrect installation can damage your rifle

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this unit reported that when paired with a scope on Mini-14, it surprisingly improves the firearm's performance. It is quite sturdy, fits perfectly, and is easy to install. They also reported that this product did not properly lock at first but became smooth and easy later, making it an ideal pick.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The G&G unit is composed of premium-quality aluminum, which is high-grade and ensures that it will last longer than you can imagine. A silver-colored exterior with a matte touch and sleek finish make it a really worthy unit.

It is the ideal tool for expert shooters who use their Mini-14 vigorously. It is also suitable for people whose priority is safety and comfort. However, the high price tag makes it suitable for experts or people with higher budgets and not beginners.

You don't have to remove the rear iron sight to install this tool. It has a rail machined beneath for a hassle-free ejection of the cartridge.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is an excellent product with top-notch features. Your hard-earned dollars won't go to waste with this tool since it is durable, sturdy, and guarantees maximum safety to the user. It is compatible with a wide array of scopes out there.

Best for the Money:
PM Mini-14 Mount 180 Series

PM Ruger Mini-14 Scope Mount 180 Series


  • Easy to install and dislodge
  • Can be used with a variety of scopes
  • Entirely waterproof and dust-resistant
  • Constructed from strong, high-grade brass
  • Excellent choice of material used for construction


  • Regular maintenance is required
  • Improper use might cause wear and tear to your rifle

What Recent Buyers Report

It is not surprising that buyers were satisfied with this purchase because it has all the necessary features. Most buyers are hunters and they love this unit because they don't want any compromises when it comes to shooting big game. They all reported that installing this tool took only a few minutes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit has a very minimalistic, simple-to-use design that is ideal for rigorous and every-day usage. It can be installed within minutes and removed quickly as compared to other models that require great effort just to get them off.

It can be calibrated really easily as well. You can use it with various scopes; even your oldest and newest scopes would fit fine on this mount. If you are going to use your mini-14 in tough conditions, such as humid or rainy climates, this product is the perfect pick for you. Its resistance to water makes it highly suitable for such conditions.

Bottom Line

All in all, this scope mount enhances your shooting experience in many ways. It comes at an affordable price too. If you've got older scopes lying around and want to use them, this unit might be the best choice.

Best Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Scope Mount:
 GG&G 1913 SCP Rail


  • No gunsmithing required at all
  • Complements a variety of scopes
  • Smooth rail design makes it easy to take it off
  • Fits perfectly well and doesn't loosen up over the time
  • Use it directly out of the box without any additional accessories


  • Might not fit smaller scopes

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers showed a great deal of trust in this unit. They praised its traditional design that is compatible with their older scopes as well. They also liked its ease of installation and how it remains intact after rough usage.

Why it Stand Out to Us

We think that this model is really easy to install on a Mini-14 rifle. Just lodge it in, tighten the screws, and you're good to go. The process roughly takes 5-10 minutes, and your rifle is then ready to accommodate any scope.

You don't need to visit a professional to fit this product on your weapon. It is always recommended to fit the mounts yourself, so you can calibrate it yourself and prevent any unforeseen damage.

It absorbs shocks resulting from the repulsion force of the bullet. Cheap mounts often fall off at this moment, but that isn't the case with this one.

Bottom Line

To conclude, this ranch scope mount offers great stability and durability for its price range. If you're looking for a product that can suit your old scopes, this could be the one for you. It also comes fully assembled and requires very minimal efforts.

Best B Square Mini-14 Scope Mount:
 B-Square Silver


  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Absorbs the shock from rifles effectively
  • Provides ample adjustments to the scope
  • Lightweight aluminum build ensures portability
  • Silver anodized finish guarantees its longevity


  • Installation process isn't easy
  • Some scopes can damage the rails on it

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of the reviews backing this unit are positive. Many users liked that it is lightweight; they claim that it helps them a lot while shooting outdoors. Along with that, many praised its ability to absorb shocks caused by rifle recoiling.

Why it Stand Out to Us

The B-Square Silver mount has a simple and minimalistic design. It has all the necessary characteristics, such as its resistance to water and dust, that ensure longevity. It can be hard to lodge on your gun at first, but once it's fitted, it's very easy to use.

Safety-wise, this unit fits perfectly on the insertions featured on Mini-14 rifles. It stays in its place even while firing. This is great since nobody wants a displaced scope mount after firing one bullet. The anodized finish further guarantees that it lasts for a long time, even after use in harsh environments.

You can calibrate it before going for shooting. It can be calibrated within minutes; however, you may need to go to a shooting range to practice a bit.

Bottom Line

This scope mount might be on the cheaper side, but it is very durable and delivers its purpose. It can last you years without any worries at all. You can get used to it easily and enhance your shooting experience. We recommend it to beginners.

Best Mini-14 Scope Mount Picatinny Rail:
Warne 4007495


  • Built from durable aluminum
  • Can be used in a variety of positions
  • Supports maximum grip for a variety of scopes
  • Single slot-loading design makes it user-friendly
  • Rust-proof material that can be left attached on the rifle


  • Might cause damage to frame if not used correctly

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers praised its simplicity and its ability to mount on the Ruger Mini-14 frame easily. Many users also reported that they've been using this product for years, and there's no sign of rust on it. Furthermore, it didn't loosen up a bit at all. Buyers also praised the railing design on top of the tip, which makes installing scopes on it really easy.

Why it Stand Out to Us

Scope mounts need to be durable and strong to withstand the force of repulsion exerted by the rifle when it is fired. This unit fits the exact purpose that makes it stand out to us. It's crafted from strong and durable aluminum that isn't malleable at all.

It's easy to install and doesn't require any extra accessories for it to work. You just make sure to line it up against the rails, and it fits in perfectly. Once it's lodged in, just tighten the screws, and you're good to go.

It absorbs shocks efficiently and keeps the scope in its places without any chances of it slipping off. This is great if you're constantly on-the-go while shooting. We strongly recommend this unit to hunters who hunt big games out in the wild.

Bottom Line

You can install a variety of scopes on this mount, and it complements them all. Its durable rust-proof construction promises an all-season suitable performance. We also find the single slot-loading feature impressive, which can be suitable for fast-paced and quick shooting.

What Are The Benefits of Mounting a Scope on a Mini 14?

Having a scope mounted on your Ruger Mini 14 can change the entire game. It gives you advantages in various scenarios and gives you an edge over other shooters. 

Some benefits of installing a scope on your Mini-14 are:

More Accuracy

With a scope, your aim can be more accurate than ever. However, it would help if you always calibrated your scope and mount accordingly to avoid any errors. To do so, you should test-use it on variable settings in a shooting range. You should soon be able to decide what works best for you.

Improved Range

The human eyesight is limited in range; we can't see far away, and we can't even judge the distance correctly. A scope essentially helps to improve your shooting range, get the maximum out of the rifle, and target whatever you see far away. This is particularly good for shooting intelligent and big animals like deer.

Improved Confidence

Having a scope significantly impacts your confidence levels. However, a lousy scope might do the opposite. Always make sure to invest in the highest quality unit to minimize the chance for any error.

How to Install a Scope Mount on a Mini 14

Installing a scope mount on Ruger Mini-14 isn't that tough of a job. It features special mounts and insertion points so that you can install various accessories on it. The following are some important steps you should follow.

  1. Make sure the frame of your Mini 14 is cleaned properly. Any moisture trapped can damage your frame and the screws that keep the mount in place.

  2. Examine the scope mount and loosen the screws on it. This makes sure that it slides in properly without much effort at all. If your scope mount has no rings, then loosen all four screws on it.

  3. Once they're loose, first take the mount and line it up against the two insertion points featured on the top frame of the weapon. Make sure they line up correctly.

  4. Proceed to tighten the screws using the lever provided. Be sure to angle them properly. Otherwise, there's a chance of damaging the threads on either one of them.

  5. Tighten it up gently. Now repeat the same steps for the other scope mount and make sure they're appropriately aligned. Any improper alignment might cause inaccuracies while aiming. However, if your scope mount isn't ring-based, you won't have to do much alignment at all.


Now that you know the most important things, buying a scope mount will be an easy task for you. The products mentioned above have unique features and benefits to offer. You should invest in one that best matches your usage and preferences, such as the distance you want to shoot. You will notice an increase in the accuracy of your rifle after installing a scope mount.

People Also Ask

Scope mounts can be tricky to understand.

We've gathered some most frequently asked questions and answered them to further equip you with important information. Make a wise decision when choosing a scope mount for yourself.

How to Remove the Scope Mount on a Mini 14

Just like installing the scope mount, it is easy to remove it as well. Dislodge your scope from the mount; otherwise, you might damage it.

Look for screws on either side of the two mounts. Loosen them up, and try lifting them. It should dislodge the mount from the top of the frame.

How Close Can I Mount My Scope to My Mini 14?

Never put your scope too close to your face, especially your nose. You might end up injuring yourself. A good measure of safety would be to place the scope at least three to four inches away from the face.

In addition to that, you should practice the correct posture to avoid any damage at all.