Best Ruger AR-556 Scope Mounts (2020 Round-up Review)

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The Ruger AR-556 is one of the most powerful and efficient rifles for hunting.

It is a ready-to-go rifle that only needs a few extra accessories before you can take it out for business.

A scope mount is one of them, and finding a quality mount can make all the difference between a successful and failed hunting trip.

Comparison of the Best Ruger AR-556 Scope Mounts

  • Allows for forward placement for better aiming
  • Suitable for lefthand and righthand configuration
  • Strong and durable materials is used
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  • Comes with a flat top mount solution
  • Available in different sizes
  • Lightweight and compact design
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  • Best for the Money
  • Strong and durable design
  • Made from high-quality and lightweight materials
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  • Comes with quick detach mechanism
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Hard-coated and anodized for durability
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  • A quick release lock is included
  • Offset design for better eye relief
  • High-quality materials used
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Can You Find a Quality Ruger AR-556 Scope Mount That’s Affordable?

There is this huge misconception that only expensive things are of high-quality. However, this is not at all true. It is possible to find quality products at an affordable price. There are several affordable options available for Ruger AR-556 scope mounts that are under $100.

These are made from high-quality aluminum and are durable. Some of them even offer lifetime warranties. They are sturdy and firm and are sure to enhance your hunting experience, all while being budget-friendly. We have also added some of them to our list. Take a look to find your own ideal scope mount.

Are All Ruger AR-556 Scope Mounts the Same?

Not all Ruger AR-556 scope mounts are the same. There are some variations in the products. There are mainly three kinds of mount – One Piece, Rail Mounts, and Scope Rings.

One-piece mounts are very rigid and tough. Moreover, they are easy to install, making them a favorite of beginners. Scope Rings are the oldest kinds of mounts, and they are known to be highly reliable and sturdy. These also have an added benefit of being lightweight and more affordable than other options. 

Lastly, rails mounts, as the name suggests, attach to your gun’s rail. They are easy to install; however, with these, you need to carefully take your gun’s measurements.

Review of the Best Ruger AR-556 Scope Mounts

Many scope mounts are available in the market, and most of them are identical, making it difficult to pick your ideal mount. However, don’t worry, we have made a list of the top mounts with the best quality so you can easily choose the best unit.

Best Overall:
Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever


  • Easy to install or mount to your rifle
  • Can hold scopes heavier than 100 pounds
  • Scope comes in two and three-inch offsets
  • Easily adjustable to make it secure and stable
  • Highly durable thanks to its high-quality aluminum construction


  • Might add a little extra weight to your rifle
  • You might have to tighten the screws often

What Recent Buyers Report

It is easy to install on almost any Picatinny rail, and then you can just torque it down with a torque driver to ensure that it is properly mounted and tightened according to your rifle’s requirements. It is also made of high-quality materials and will last you a long time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is the best Ruger AR-556 scope mount you could ever hope to find. The finish on it is superb. Also, the quality of the screws with which it comes is outstanding. You will not strip them if you follow the torque values in the simple instructions that are called out.

It just looks great, and it won't move even a little bit after you install it. The way it offsets, you can mount it according to your own personal preference. Furthermore, its quality also ensures its durability. It is made from robust aluminum that keeps it sturdy and strong.

Bottom Line

In all, this is a top-quality, highly durable scope mount that provides you with great stability, accurate sight view, and comfort. Furthermore, it is very easy to install, and hence you don’t need to be a professional to use it.

Burris Optics P.E.P.R.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Provides you with a clear full-field view
  • Highly stable and holds scopes securely
  • Strong and durable enough to survive any abuse
  • Available in various sizes to accommodate all scopes


  • Slightly heavy
  • Tension on the base of the scope is affected based on temperatures

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this mount is somewhat heavy, but just like a rock, it is super solid and stable. It is also very easy to install. In addition, multiple attachment options are available, so you can search for the one that best suits your needs, be it one-inch, 30 mm, 34 mm, or other.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this unit because its build cannot be matched. It is so strong and sturdy that it is said to be battle-ready. There are several tests that every scope mount must go through before it leaves the factory in order to ensure high and consistent quality. This also means that every single scope mount is made to be rough and tough.

The company further offers a lifetime warranty, which is also proof of their confidence in their product. It is a reliable and sturdy scope mount. Furthermore, it is available in various sizes to accommodate most scopes.

Bottom Line

Burris has given us the sturdiest scope mount, which will help you shoot accurately since it is highly stable. It can survive anything, and the company offers a lifetime warranty to prove that. Lastly, it is available in several scope sizes.

Best for the Money:
Monstrum Slim Profile Series


  • A great fit on Picatinny rails
  • Helps you increase the accuracy of your rifle
  • Provides you with great value for your money
  • Holds the weight of the scope well and in a stable manner
  • Crafted with aluminum which makes it a highly durable scope mount


  • A bit heavy
  • Mount rings are far apart

What Recent Buyers Report

It is always concerning for users that the screws would shake off with the recoil, and the sight will shift. However, nothing like that happens with this scope mount. Even after extended use, the sight still works well. The quality is excellent, and relative to other brands, the price is very competitive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For most scopes, this is a great mount. The alignment with the back rings is nearly perfect and is very slightly angled upward relative to the front rings. The lapping of this scope mount is also very impressive. The ring base seems to lap very consistently with slight ridges wearing away.

At the very edge, the end of the rings has some high points, which can be a little distracting, however, overall, it is a great-quality mount. In addition, thanks to its stable and tight fixing, you get to make accurate shots and successfully finish off your hunt.

Bottom Line

All in all, Monstrum provides you with a high-quality scope mount that can be used with almost any rifle. It is made using durable aluminum and helps increase the accuracy of your shots since it is highly stable. Furthermore, it is highly affordable.

4. IORMAN Hunting Scope Optics Mount Ring

IORMAN Hunting Scope Optics Mount Ring Offset Cantilever Picatinny 30mm/1.18'' Diameter mounts


  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Can fit on most brands of rifles
  • Built from very strong and durable aluminum
  • Ultralightweight and will not add to the weight of the rifle
  • Features a quick-detach mechanism that makes it completely recoil proof


  • Priority is strength and durability and not the cost, which makes it a little expensive

What Recent Buyers Report

Many users state that it is a solid scope mount that is very easy to use and install. You can easily mount it on most rifles with different barrel widths. All you need to do is tighten it accordingly. It stays firm in its place and helps you get a stable view.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most scope mounts are made from great-quality materials and are strong and sturdy. However, this also makes them heavier, and using them can add extra weight to your rifle, which will ultimately tire you out sooner. Hence, it is important for the scope mount to be as lightweight as possible.

IORMAN Optics Mount Ring is just that. It is ultralightweight, and it doesn’t add to the rifle's weight at all, despite being made from high-quality aluminum. In addition, it is sturdy and strong and very stable if tightened properly. So, you basically get a lightweight and sturdy scope mount in one.

Bottom Line

If you want a scope mount that is both lightweight and sturdy, then IORMAN Optics Scope Mount will be perfect for you. It is made from high-quality aluminum, which makes it both. Furthermore, it is highly durable, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

5. Flat Top Offset 1913

Flat Top Offset One Piece QD Scope Mount with Quick Release Cam Locks 1913 Picatinny Rails


  • Fits both one-inch and 30 mm rifle scopes
  • Made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Offset design provides better positioning for eye relief
  • Highly suitable with scopes having a longer eyepiece tube
  • Can be installed in seconds thanks to its quick-release cam locks


  • Needs regular maintenance and lubrication
  • Overtightening the screws can cause problems

What Recent Buyers Report

This mount has quick-release cam locks that you don’t usually get to see in scope mounts. They make it super easy to install this scope of your rifles. Furthermore, its design makes it easy on the eyes to get a view. It is also made from high-quality materials, which makes it strong and sturdy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is a great mount with almost perfect rings and absolutely no need for lapping. It fits on your rifle’s tube and scope perfectly, giving you a firm overall weapon to hunt accurately.

Furthermore, it is very easy to mount and install. It uses quick-release cam locks, which can be used conveniently, even by a complete beginner. It is quick and efficient to use, and there isn’t much room for anything to go wrong in terms of installation. The built quality is also great since it is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

Bottom Line

In all, you get a high-quality and easy-to-install mount when you purchase this unit. It is highly durable and sturdy, easy on the eyes, and quick to get installed. Its ease of use is unmatched by most scope mounts.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Ruger AR-556 Scope Mount?

If you are buying yourself a scope mount for the first time, it can get confusing for you to pick the ideal one. Hence, we have made a list of some top things that you should look for in your scope mount.

Installation Ease

A good scope mount doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or difficult to install. Also, if you are a beginner, then picking an easy-to-install mount will be better for you. This will help you save money and time on the professional assistance that you might require with complex scope mounts.


The materials of your scope mount are of utmost importance because they define the quality and weight of your scope mount. Usually, aluminum is a good material to have. It is sturdy, strong, and highly durable. However, often, durability and weight are a tradeoff. High-quality, sturdy scopes are heavier in general, which can add weight to your rifle.


Before buying your scope mount, keep in mind the measurement of your rifle and scope. It is better to have a flexible scope mount that can be used with various width rifles. However, a perfect fit will be very firm and accurate.


A quality scope mount is a necessity if you want to have a fun and successful hunting trip. It will make sure that no matter how far your target is, you can easily and accurately aim using your scope that is secured on its mount. Hence, choose your scope mount from the list above wisely.

People Also Ask

Buying guns can be a tricky decision. There are a lot of things to consider in terms of their specs, as well as the specs of the accessories or gadgets that go with them. Hence, it is a daunting experience for many. However, to make it a little easier, we have answered some top questions for you.

How Accurate is the Ruger 556?

This rifle is highly accurate. It is very straightforward and easy to use, and hence it can be a beginner’s rifle. You won’t need to make a lot of adjustments to get it to work. In case you are planning to expand your range, then you should use a quality optics or scope; nevertheless, it is a highly accurate rifle. 

What is the Difference Between AR 15 and AR 556?

The main difference between both is the barrel length. Other than that, both guns share the same specs and benefits like semi-automatic operation. Both guns are even operated in the same manner, and the same procedures are used to clear jamming of both guns.

Is the Ruger 556 a Good Gun?

Ruger 556 is a great gun. It is highly efficient and accurate. In addition, it is an affordable gun. Hunting is an expensive hobby, but with this gun, you can get the most out of your hunting experience without going broke. It has a sturdy and solid built that will get the job done.