Best Truck Tents of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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We all yearn for a recharge every now and then. It can be any form: a day at a spa, a dip in a lagoon, or a scenic hike. All these are some great ways to refresh yourself. Camping trips are also a fun getaway to recharge yourself. You can opt for a full hike and camp out in the open, or you can take out your truck and go out on a camping trip.

Truck tents provide an excellent option to travel and camp at the same time. You can drive off to your favorite place and set up your truck tent and have an amazing experience with all the facilities.

If you are planning such a getaway for yourself, then you must read this article to find out about the best truck tents. We have searched the market and evaluated some of the best products to recommend for you. Read on to learn about them.

Comparison Chart of the Best Truck Tents

  • Color-coded pole and sleeve assembly
  • Large interior area with over 5.6’ of headroom
  • Quick and easy assembly
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  • Fits full-sized pickup trucks
  • Deploys in minutes
  • Good construction and ventilation
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  • Best for the Money
  • Water-resistant fabric with tape sealed seams
  • Comfortably sleeps two adults
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  • Best F150 Truck Tent
  • Lightweigh but very durable
  • Quick and easy set up
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  • Best Nissian Frontier Truck Tent
  • Turns any Frontier bed into a sleeping area
  • Compact storage and easy installation
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  • Best Toyota Tacoma Truck Tent
  • Large rear-access panel
  • Over 5.6 feet of headroom
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  • Best Avalanche Gear Truck Tent
  • Roomy tent sleeps two people
  • Includes 2 interior pockets and gear loft
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What is a Truck Tent and What is it Used For? 

Like the name says, a truck tent is a camping station that can be set up inside the bed of a truck to provide a safe and sturdy sleeping place. It is the solution for people who are not fans of extreme camping. You don’t have to hike or find a smooth flat ground to pitch your tent in. With a truck tent, you can camp right inside the comfort of your truck, up and above the ground elements.

Inside the truck bed, you are safe from strong winds, wildlife, and critters. In remote locations, there is no fear of snakes to keep you up at night. A truck tent can house up to 2 to 3 people. It is designed to hook up on the vehicle bed. There are different options for different vehicles, each made with the vehicle’s features in mind. Truck camping is becoming more popular with the passage of time.

Are All Truck Tents The Same?

No. Just as the thing with all trucks not being the same, all truck tents are also not the same. They are specially designed according to the attributes of different vehicle beds. Some vehicles have long beds others don’t.

Similarly, there are some features that set products apart from each other. These include size, shape, capacity, and some other considerations. Some are waterproof, and some are easier to set up. Some fit in pickups, and some are more compatible with SUVs.

So, if you want a truck tent for yourself, you should consider the different features and advantages it offers along with its compatibility with the vehicle you own.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent 

How to Choose a Truck Tent

Now that you have realized that all truck tents are not the same, you may wonder which one to buy. There are some specs and aspects to keep an eye on, along with the product’s compatibility with your truck. Here are some characteristics that make for a good choice of a truck tent.


The first and foremost thing to consider in a truck tent is its compatibility with your truck bed. If you have a long bed, you can choose a bigger tent. But if your bed is small, you should choose a tent that fits in it. Also, make sure that your vehicle has the necessary equipment to hook up the tent you choose.


It is important to consider the capacity of a tent. If you are a lone camper, you can choose a two-person tent. But if you plan to take your family or friends with you, it’s better to invest in a tent that can house 5 to 6 persons. In the end, it all comes down to the capacity of your truck bed.


We advise you to choose a waterproof truck tent. That way, even if you are caught up in rainy weather, you and your belongings will not be in danger of getting soaked. Tents that are waterproof feature taped seams so that the water cannot seep in. These ensure maximum protection, even in the harshest rainstorm.

Easy to Set up 

One evident advantage of truck tents over a traditional one is their ease of setup. The simpler the tent, the easier the setup, and vice versa. We suggest not going for a fancy tent because these are a bit difficult to set up. And if you want speedy pitching, look for a pop-up truck tent.


Truck tents come in a variety of shapes. There are frame, umbrella-shaped, and Dime-shaped truck tents. All have their pros and cons. A frame tent can comfortably seat 2 to 3 people but has lower ceilings. Umbrella shaped tents offer better headroom and storage space but usually come without a floor. Dome-shaped tents are more flexible and come with a rainfly.

You should consider all these before choosing a tent that suits your needs better.

Review of the Best Truck Tents

Truck tent camping is growing popular with each passing day. The popularity has boosted the market. You find tents of many shapes and capacities, all claiming to be the right one for you. Such a wide variety can spin anyone’s mind.

If you would like a head start by having some prior knowledge about some of the best truck tents, you can start right now. Here is the list of some of the best models. You can go through them and choose one that meets your requirements.

Best Truck Tent:
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent


  • Offers an easy setup
  • Comes with a full floor coverage
  • Contains a large interior with more headroom
  • Made to fit most makes and models of pickups
  • Features a color-coded pole and sleeve assembly


  • Door poles are prone to snapping
  • Zipper comes off the rail very easily 

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently purchased and used this truck tent find it a satisfying product. They say that it is quick and easy to set up. With a full floor, they did not have to worry about a truck bed lining. It handles the weather nicely and has enough room to move around easily. They also reported that Napier's customer service is fantastic.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This stands out to us as the best overall. It is quick and easy to set up, provides a full floor coverage of your truck bed, and offers spacious headroom. It is durable and weather resistant. With its color-coded poles and straps, you won’t have any difficulty putting it up. It also comes with a carrying case big enough to fit in the rolled-up tent without much training.

Who Will Use This Most

People who don’t like traditional camping too much are likely to use this most. Campers who don’t want to sleep on the ground will also like using this product. Truck owners will also love camping on the go with it. People who are planning a trip in a windy or rainy season will also be fit from using this tent.

Bottom Line

Napier is an excellent truck tent brand. They make products that are suitable for every make and model. If you decide to buy this Napier tent, you are investing in a durable product that will shield you from extreme weather and ground elements.

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent for Camping, Camp Tents for Pickup Trucks, Fits Truck Bed Length 79-81', Waterproof Rainfly Included, Sleeps 2


  • Features a durable and sturdy construction
  • Spacious interior offers plenty of headroom
  • Comes with a rainfly to keep everything dry
  • Provides excellent ventilation with two mesh windows 
  • Shipped in a heavy-duty weather-resistant polyester carrying bag 


  • Center cord of the poles seem fragile 
  • Stitching on the tent is loose at some points 

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently bought this tent report it to be a satisfying product. They like it for its ease of setup and tear down. Users say that it offers enough room for two adults or an adult and a couple of kids. They used it in all sorts of weather conditions, be it wind, rain, sleet, or snow. This product can take it all without leaking or bending a pole.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this to be one of the best truck tents. It comes with a full floor coverage and an easy to pack carrying case. It is constructed with high-quality materials so it can hold up against any weather condition. It has two mesh windows which serve to keep the tent well-ventilated and lit during the day. In all, it’s a highly recommended product.

Who Will Use This Most

Ideally, people who camp in extreme weather are likely to use this the most. Those who want a tent that keeps them comfortable and safe from ground elements will also benefit from using this product. People who often travel around on their trucks will also like using this product for its travel-friendliness.

Bottom Line

This is one great truck tent. If you decide to but it, you will surely be getting a durable product that will serve you longer than any other. It is easy to set up and tear down so you won’t have too much trouble putting it up. It offers great protection against weather elements, so if you like camping in different weather, this one product is the right one for them all.

Best for the Money:
Rightline Gear Truck Tents

Rightline Gear Truck Tents


  • Comes with a sky view vent
  • Features a floorless design to ease setup
  • Includes color-coded poles and pocket sleeves 
  • Backed up with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Constructed with water-resistant fabric with taped seams


  • Seams are not very well stitched 
  • Zipper quality leaves a lot to be desired

What Recent Buyers Report

Campers who recently bought and used this product are generally satisfied. They report that it is easy to set up and holds up well against rainstorms. They say that the zipper is very delicate, so you have to be very careful with it. They suggest not to tighten the straps before assembly as the fabric is thin and seams also run the risk of ripping.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Without a doubt, this is the best value for its money. It features a sky that provides light during daytime and beautiful starry views during the night. It is great for a "sleeping under the stars" experience.

Moreover, it is constructed from water-resistant material. The included rainfly and taped seams further protect it against rain. It has a floorless design that enables set up without emptying the truck bed. Backed up by a one year manufacturer’s warranty, this surely is a great product.

Who Will Use This Most  

People in tight budgets who want a product that is not a burden on their pocket will like using this truck tent. Plus, those who want an excellent starry view will also benefit from using it. People who camp in areas that are susceptible to rains will also find this a useful product.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a budget truck tent, then this is the right product for you. It is very easy to setup and teardown with a floorless design. It comes with a rain fly to keep you dry in rainy weather and a sky view vent for sleeping under the stars. All in all, it’s a great product at a great price.

Best F150 Truck Tent:
Napier Enterprises Sportz Truck Tent III

Napier Enterprises Sportz Truck Tent III for Full Size Regular Bed Trucks (for Ford F Series Models)


  • Comes with a patented sewn-in floor 
  • Features a rear door to access the cabin
  • Includes a full rainfly to shield against rain
  • Two side vents and two windows offer better ventilation
  • Equipped with interior pockets to keep your gear organized


  • A bit difficult to set up alone
  • Requires a step ladder to get in

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report it as an excellent tent with a spacious interior. They love how it overhangs the sides and has a floor. It is made to be durable as well as stylish. People report that it got them admiring looks wherever they went.

Since it stretched all the way to the tailgate, the only problem people had was that it offered no room to stand outside it within the truck bed. Apart from that, they were fully satisfied with their purchase.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is an amazing truck tent. It features a sturdy built with an attractive appearance. It comes with a full rain fly that keeps you well protected from the rain. It is stitched well, so it won’t leak even in the wettest conditions.

It also has a rear access door that helps you teach inside the cabin if you need anything from there. It has two side vents and two windows that serve to ventilate it well. Also, it is equipped with a middle divider for optional ventilation.

Who Will Use This Most

We found this to be the most compatible with an F150 truck, so people who own one of those are likely to use this the most. People who want a stylish tent that looks great atop their truck will also like using it. People who don’t like spending nights in the ground inside a traditional tent on a camping trip will also benefit from using this tent.

Bottom Line

This product from Napier Enterprises offers a wonderful camping experience. Not only does it come with a sewn-in floor, but it also provides spacious interior as well as interior pockets to organize your gear. With a great ventilation system and rain protection, this is a sturdy tent that will serve you in every weather.

Best Nissan Frontier Truck Tent:
Nissan Genuine Accessories 999T7-BY300 Bed Tent

Genuine Nissan Parts - Authentic Catalog Part from The Factory (999T7-BY300)


  • Easy to set up and tear down
  • Dome-shaped tent with a rain fly included
  • Features compact storage when not in use
  • Effectively turns any bed into a sleeping area
  • An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part from Nissan


  • Not suitable for short beds
  • Needs an empty bed for setting up

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently bought this tent report it to be an amazing product. Users report that being an OEM model, this tent is very compatible with Nissan trucks. Users like it for its design that is attractive and easy to set up.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This tent truck stands out to us as the best from Nissan. Being an OEM model, there is no doubt about its quality. It is constructed with quality materials that make it a long-lasting product. It is a dome-shaped tent, so it offers plenty of space and headroom. Backed by a one-year warranty, this is one reliable product you should invest in.

Who Will Use This Most

Nissan truck owners are very likely to use this most. People who want a sturdy and reliable truck tent will also like using this product. Campers who want to spend the night in a spacious tent that offers plenty of storage will also benefit from this model.

Bottom Line

Nissan has manufactured this trunk tent to satisfy the needs of its truck owners. It is a spacious dome-shaped tent that is easy to set up. It is also quick to tear down and fold up for compact storage. Made with quality components, it is one nice tent that is bound to serve you for long. The one-year warranty is the seal over its great quality and service.

Best Toyota Tacoma Truck Tent:
SportZ Truck Tent

Napier Sportz Truck Bed Camping Tent - Waterproof 2-Person Tents - Easy to Install in 15 Minutes - Compact Storage Case - Sturdy Camp & Adventure Shelter - Spacious, Secure, Truck Accessories


  • Features a rear access panel
  • Provides a spacious interior and headroom
  • Comes in an expandable carry bag for easy storage
  • Supplied with a full rainfly, taped seams and storm flaps
  • 3 mesh windows and 2 ceiling vents provide optimum ventilation 


  • Instruction manual is not adequate
  • Zipper stitching is very weak and fragile

What Recent Buyers Report

People who recently used this were impressed by its performance. They report it is capable of handling any kind of weather. They like it for the view of the night sky it provides. Buyers who used it in the rain were amazed at how effective it held up without a single drop of water seeping inside. Their faith is further promoted by the excellent after-sales service Napier Enterprise provides.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Well, this is the best Toyota Tacoma truck tent. It is crafted from quality water-resistant fabric and comes with the highest quality poles. It has a full rainfly, taped seams and storm flaps to shield it against adverse weather effects. It has a sturdy and reliable camper that you can invest in without a single doubt.

Who Will Use This Most

This truck tent is perfect for tailgating, fishing trips, music festivals, or plain simple overnight camping. People who are avid fans of such activities will surely benefit from using this. Also, people who own Toyota Tacomas will find this a useful product because of its compatibility.

Bottom Line

If you own a Toyota Tacoma and are interested in purchasing a truck tent to hook up in it, then this is the right product for you. It features excellent water resistance and can hold its own against the most challenging weather. It is built to last so you will surely benefit from investing in this product.

Best Avalanche Gear Truck Tent:
Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III

Napier Outdoors Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III,Gray,72' L x 72' W,99949


  • Supplied with two interior pockets and a gear loft
  • A large awning extends out the tailgate to create shade
  • Two small windows in the floor utilize the truck beds cargo light
  • Equipped with a rear access door to enter the cab from the tent 
  • Comes with two large windows and ceiling vents for added ventilation 


  • One person alone cannot set it up
  • Zipper keeps zipping onto the fabric

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of people who recently purchased this tent like it for its comfort and security. They have reported that even in rainy conditions, it keeps everything dry. They say that it was a bit difficult to set up the first time, but after that, it gets way easier. It offers plenty of storage and living space, so users are really impressed with it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this tent is equipped to face every environmental element. It provides great ventilation during hot weather and excellent protection against rain in the stormy season. It has ceiling vents that offer a fabulous view of the stars at night.

Moreover, it comes with a six feet awning that stretches out the tailgate to create the perfect shade to lounge around. All in all, it’s a highly recommended product that you should consider buying for yourself.

Who Will Use This Most

This tent is perfect for people who don’t want to take along the trailer camp everywhere they go. It is also suitable for people who don’t want to spend nights sleeping on the ground and prefer to stay up and away from ground elements. People who want to buy a durable, long laying product will also like using this tent.

Bottom Line

This is a great truck tent from Avalanche gear. If you are looking for a quality tent that can accompany you on all kinds of camping trips, be it a fishing trip, a music festival or a simple night stay, then this is the one. It offers protection against all sorts of weather conditions, making sure you are dry in a rainy season and cool in a hot one.

How to Set up a Truck Tent

Truck tents surely offer ease of setup over traditional camping tents. They are supplied with a clipping system that helps it hook up on the vehicle. If you are truck tenting for the first time, we suggest that you study the instructions carefully before starting. If you are still hesitating, here is a step by step procedure of setting up a tent on your truck bed.

  1. Find a level parking spot. 

  2. Open the tailgate.

  3. Take your tent out of its carrying case. 

  4. Unfold it to lie flat on the truck bed with the door side facing opposite the cabin. 

  5. Slide in the Tailgate pockets in position.

  6. Cover the cab-wrapping bed curves with the split seams on the front corners of the tent.
  7. Attach the clip straps to the bottom lip on both sides and the wheel well. 

  8. Tighten the Tailgate straps on both sides and attach the rear clip straps to the bottom lip of the truck. 

  9. Now snug up the strap to make inner flap seam even with the top of the bed rail. 

  10. Unzip the tent and lift up the tailgate to pass the straps in between the tailgate and bed.
  11. Engage the clips on these straps to the metal frame member located behind the bumper. 

  12. Tighten these straps while keeping the inner flap level under them.

  13. Take out the color-coded poles and put them in their coordinating sleeves. 

  14. Start raising the tent by placing the poles in the opposite pole pockets. 

  15. Attach the pole clips to secure them in position. With this, you are essentially done. 

  16. You add any accessories that came with the tent like rain fly or awning. 

If this guide seems a bit complicated to understand, here is a video that will help you understand the procedure better.


Truck tent camping is an amazing outdoor activity. It gets more exciting when you are traveling. You can set up your tent and spend the night sleeping comfortably inside it rather than curling up to sleep on your car seat.

Now that you have the knowledge about the best truck tents, you can head out to the market and buy one for yourself. Be sure to choose one that is suitable for your truck; otherwise, you will end up wasting your money.

People Also Ask

Choosing the right truck tent for yourself gets confusing when you come across such a huge range. And if you are new to this concept, you become an easy target for misguidance. If you want to know about the things that are confusing you, you can refer to some of the common questions about truck tents that we have gathered and answered below.

Can a Truck Tent Be Used on the Ground?

A truck tent is specially designed to keep its campers, their gear, and air mattress up and above the ground. It is meant to fit inside a truck bed of specific size and is supplied with a clipping system that attaches with the vehicle to keep it upright. You can set it up on the ground, but without the clipping system functioning, you cannot hold it up.

What Do I Need For Truck Camping?

Just like normal camping, truck camping needs a lot of preparation, although you don’t have to worry about finding a flat and comfortable ground to pitch in your tent. Some things that you need in a successful truck camping trip include fuel in your vehicle, a spare wheel, gas cans, water, food, tools, first aid kit, emergency kit, cooler, heater, cookware, utensils, lighting, awning, etc.

Camping Essentials (Source)

What Size Air Mattress Fits in the Bed of a Truck?

The size of the air mattress that fits inside the bed of a truck really depends upon the make and model of your vehicle. Some have long beds, while others have a short bed to accommodate more cabin space. To find out the right size, measure the bed if your truck bed is in inches. Most air mattresses fit over the wheel wells.

Can You Drive With a Truck Tent?

Driving around with a truck tent is possible but on parking lot speed. However, they are not built to hold up against fast speed and high winds. So if you are planning to move your truck with its tent around the campsite to park in a better spot or to make room for other vehicles, then yes, you can drive with your truck tent. Other than that, we strongly advise against it.

Where Can I Stay With a Truck Tent?

A truck tent is the most convenient way of camping. You can drive your truck anywhere and camp as you like. You can stay at a normal campsite, farmlands, RV parks or even on roadsides. A lot of camping grounds and RV parks have special sites dedicated to campers with water spigots and hookups. But you can also stay in remote areas in the privacy of your truck tent.