Best Survival Kits – 2019 Prepper Buyer’s Guide

Survival kits are a necessity for everyone in today’s day and age, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast who frequently finds themselves far away from the nearest hospital, or just someone who wants to be prepared the next time a natural disaster strikes. Read on to learn more about this crucial aspect of preparedness.

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Complete Earthquake Bag

Surviveware Survival Kit

First My Family Survival Kit

Sportsman Bighorn Survival Kit

Eiliks Emergency Survival Kit

Benefits of Investing in a Great Survival Kit

As when buying any product, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option. But do you really want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no access to medical care, with a tourniquet that is not actually strong enough to stop arterial bleeding? You need the most high-quality survival kit products possible.

We get that it can be a struggle to spend more money on items you hope to never actually have to use, but these items could hypothetically mean the difference between life and death. They are worth a few extra dollars.

Types of Survival Kits

Let's discuss a few different types of survival kits:


If you are looking for a kit that will be able to get it all done for you in any kind of emergency, you need a comprehensive survival kit. These kits are typically closer to bug out bags in size and included items, often with some kind of food and water supply and shelter from the elements.


These kits are designed to be added in to other survival preparedness items such as a bug out bag. These kits often are little more than first aid kits with some additional survival tools thrown in. These kits are great if you are looking for something small and lightweight to add in to an already packed bag.

Specifically Designed

There are survival kits that are specifically designed to be carried along when engaging in certain activities, such as hiking, hunting, skiing, and other forms of outdoor recreation. They often include items specific to injuries and hazards commonly associated with those types of activities (like body warmers in a skiing kit).

Aspects to Consider When Buying a Survival Kit

Here are some aspects to keep in mind while shopping for a new survival kit:

Who Is This Kit For?

Is this a kit just for you, when you are going on solo hiking or camping excursions? If so, you are going to want supplies that can be used one-handed or without additional assistance from another person if you are injured (this is particularly important for items like tourniquets). Is it for your family members and pets as well? You want to make sure you have enough supplies to keep everyone in your party safe.

Where Will This Kit Be Going?

Is this a kit you will be carrying along with you when you are escaping on foot from a natural disaster? Will it be stored in your car? These are important things to consider when you think about the size and portability of your survival kit.

How Will You Be Carrying This Kit Along?

If you are going to be hauling this kit for unimaginable distances, you definitely want something that is lightweight and easily transported, whether that means it is strapped to another bag or balanced easily across your shoulders.

Quick Take | Best Survival Kits

Before diving into our review of the best survival kits, here is a quick take of our top 3 picks:

Review of the Best Survival Kits

Now that you know a bit more about survival kits and what to look for, here are some of the best options:


  • Bag is sturdy and durable
  • Individual items are high quality
  • Bag is brightly colored and difficult to miss
  • Food and water will last for five years without going bad
  • Bag’s two front pockets are empty, so you could put your own personal emergency items in those areas


  • Is advertised to be meant for two people, but comes with only one pair of gloves and one pair of protective glasses

The Complete Earthquake Bag is an excellent choice for anyone who lives in Los Angeles and wants to prepare for the upcoming “Big One,” or really anyone who lives in the American West or along a coastline – earthquakes can happen literally anywhere.

This bag comes with water packets, gloves, protective glasses, food, a combination flashlight, radio, alarm, and phone charger (that does not require battery power!), a checklist with ideas for additional items depending on your own individual needs, a knife with sixteen uses, and a first aid kit.

All of the items are high quality and are grouped together in separate Ziploc bags, so the bag arrives already extremely organized. In addition, the Earthquake Bag company sends follow up information after this bag’s purchase and a lot of the information includes additional disaster preparedness tips.

Bottom Line

The Complete Earthquake Bag is a fantastic option for those who want to be prepared in the case of an earthquake or other unforeseen natural disaster. You may need to add some additional items to this kit to make it truly adaptable for two people, though.


  • Bag is made of high quality material
  • Kit has labeled pockets to find everything quickly
  • Well organized, so it is easy to access the items quickly and to know what items need replacing
  • Ideal for keeping at work or carrying along when engaging in outdoor activity such as hiking or skiing
  • Strikes a good balance between providing all of the essentials and ensuring the bag is not too heavy or bulky


  • Included tourniquet is not strong enough to actually stop heavy bleeding

The Surviveware Survival Kit is the most portable and helpful miniature first aid kit available on the market. It provides a tourniquet, adhesive bandages, tweezers, bandage shears, whistle, gloves, tape, alcohol wipes, sting relief medicine, an Ace bandage, scissors, and a CPR mask – all in a package that is somehow small enough to fit into any bug out bag, no matter how full.

Its attachment straps also allow it to be strapped to the outside of a bug out bag that is already full to bursting, and you will not have to worry about this kit being exposed to the elements and compromising the effectiveness of its contents, because it is completely waterproof!

Users report that this bag’s portable nature makes it the ideal choice when carrying along during more mobile activities – and you can bet that in the time after a natural disaster, you are going to be pretty darn mobile. Make sure you are ready for any emergency with this bag.

Bottom Line

The Surviveware Survival Kit is an adaptable, portable little first aid kit that will never let you down. But you may want to swap out the tourniquet for a higher strength one to be absolutely, 100% safe.


  • Good starter emergency kit
  • Does not take up much room at all
  • Bag has extra room to provide additional items
  • First My Family provides good customer service
  • Comes with two different backpacks so you have some versatility in transporting your emergency items


  • Items included are not of very high quality

The First My Family Survival Kit is a good survival starter kit if you want to take the time to do some extensive research and find the best and most high quality items for a comprehensive survival kit for you and your family, but do not want to be left in the lurch without any means of protection during the time it will take you to compile all of those items.

We will admit that some of the items in this kit are not of the highest quality, but they are certainly better than nothing and it is always better to be safe than sorry when preparing for an emergency.

The First My Family Survival Kit comes with a survival whistle, a compass, a flint, a signal mirror, a multi function camping tool, emergency Mylar blankets, a pair of leather work gloves, medical masks, emergency ponchos, 12 hour glowsticks, pouches of emergency water, a stockpile of emergency food packs, and 85 piece first aid kid, and 24 hour body warmers. Everything you would ever need during a true emergency!

Bottom Line

Like we said, the First My Family Survival Kit is a good starter kit to ensure you are prepared in an emergency scenario. If you have more time to get ready, though, you may want to find a kit with more high quality items.


  • Waterproof
  • Everything is contained in clear plastic containers for quick visibility in an emergency
  • Comes with a trauma pack in its own separate storage pouch, so you could just carry that if absolutely necessary
  • Comes with a lightweight and compact Wilderness and Travel Medicine Guidebook with a lot of helpful information for navigating emergency first aid situations


  • Pouch tears easily

The Sportsman Bighorn Survival Kit strikes the balance between an effective first aid kit for a bug out bag and a first aid kit that will not unduly weigh down the carrier.

This kit is incredibly small and compact, and could be easily carried literally anywhere, which really comes in handy in survival situations. But do not think for a second that this kit’s size means it leaves crucial survival items out. 

The Sportsman Bighorn Survival Kit comes with an irrigation syringe, a patient form, ace wrap, waterproof tape, safety pins, a Quickclot pad, a one way CPR face shield, a triangle bandage, wound closure strips, a Wilderness and Travel Medicine Guidebook, antibiotic packs, tweezers, and shears, all contained in a soft pouch that can easily be compressed and shoved into a bug out bag.

Additionally, this kit comes with a trauma pack in a separate storage pouch that can be carried inside the kit or also removed and shoved into a pocket if absolutely necessary.

Bottom Line

The Sportsman Bighorn Survival Kit is a comprehensive first aid kit in a small enough container to ensure versatility and ease of carrying pretty much anywhere. The pouch itself is not super durable, so you probably want to keep it tucked away at the bottom of your bug out bag until you need to use it.


  • Sturdy case
  • Included knife is sharp and strong
  • Items are made of high quality durable metal
  • Case is padded for carrying with comfort and ease
  • Great for keeping in your outdoor bag and/or vehicle


  • Compass is not super effective

The Eiliks Emergency Survival Kit is a great survival kit that comes with everything you could ever possibly need and is made of extremely high quality material.

The case itself is heavily padded and easily carried, and you know the padding will protect it if it ever gets thrown around in an emergency situation, which is definitely a likelihood if you are ever experiencing a natural disaster. 

It comes with a knife, a pen with included glass breaker on the tip, a ferro rod and a striker, a multi tool, a blanket, a compass, a whistle, a flashlight with three different settings (high for situations where bright light is necessary, low to conserve the battery, and a strobe setting for signaling), and a key chain light , which is great for getting a closer look at something than you can when using the bigger provided flashlight.

Many of the items that you would expect to be made of cheap plastic are actually made of steel or another kind of high quality metal, so these supplies will last you a long time and potentially through multiple emergency situations (although we all hope to never experience more than one!).

Bottom Line

The Eiliks Emergency Survival Kit is a great survival kit that will last you a long time and leave you feeling prepared for any emergency that could come your way. The only thing to consider is that you may want to swap out the included compass for a more useful model.


Survival kits are an essential piece of anyone’s disaster preparedness. Think about your specific needs from a kit and ensure you find one that meets all of your requirements – the kits on this list are an excellent place to start.  

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