Best Survival Multi Tools of 2020 – Rated & Reviewed

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What the heck is a survival multi tool? Everyone always talks about having 72 hours of food and water stored up in case of an emergency, but what about having a tool that will be able to accomplish just about anything?

Read on to learn more about these awesome tools and how they can help you make it through even the toughest emergency situation.

Comparison of the Best Survival Multi Tools

  • Our choice for a best overall survival tool
  • Has a serrated blade which comes very sharp
  • Everything clicks and locks into place securely
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  • Our choice for runner-up in multi tools
  • Pliers are spring loaded, unlike many other tools
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble to fix parts
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  • It is easy to pull the various tools out
  • Great for use on everyday tasks as well
  • Our best choice of survival multi tool for the money
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  • Handle can be broken down and reassembled
  • Our choice for a best survival hatchet multi tool
  • Comes with a nylon sheath to carry on your belt
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  • Our choice for best survival shovel multi tool
  • Comes with an extension piece for a longer handle
  • Edge of shovel is sharp enough to cut through trees
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  • Face mask can also serve as a scarf
  • Small size enhances portability of entire kit
  • Our choice for best zombie survival multi tool
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What is a Survival Multi Tool?

A survival multi tool is a tool, usually on the smaller side (it can typically be held with just one hand), that contains a multitude of other tools that will be extremely helpful in a survival situation.

Typical survival multi tools have some sort of knife, a pair of scissors, a set of pliers, a can or bottle opener, and a version of a fire starter. But survival tools can also be extremely elaborate, including tools such as tweezers, saws, chisels, and more.

Benefits of Investing in a Great Multi Tool From Our List

Here are some of the biggest benefits of investing in a high quality multi tool as opposed to a cheaper version:


Of course, you are not going to find yourself in a survival situation every day. With this in mind, the best survival tools also have great everyday applications, so that you will be able to get the most bang for your buck.


The last thing you need is a tool that will not actually be able to hold up to the elements when you need it to. Invest in a quality tool that will not break down when you are most relying on it.


A survival tool will not do you much good if you are unable to transport it easily along with you because it is too bulky or too heavy. The best are streamlined and easy to tuck into a pocket or a survival pack.

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool

Review of the Best Survival Multi Tools

Keeping in mind what you read earlier about high quality tools, here are some of the best products we have been able to find:

Best Overall:
Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Tool


  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel
  • Nice fit and finish
  • Comes with a leather pouch
  • Well made of high quality material
  • Victorinox is the original designer of the Swiss Army knife, so you know you are investing in quality with this tool


  • Scissors do not open very far
  • Blade has a flat front, not a sharpened point

The Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Tool is the industry leader with it comes to survival multi tools. There is nothing that you will not be able to accomplish with this tool, and it is so high quality it will last your entire lifetime and then some!

This tool is a combination of a screwdriver, scissors, a file, a saw, a serrated blade, pliers, a wire cutter, a bottle opener, a chisel, a can opener, and a hook. Again, not much you will not be able to do with all of those.

All of these items will click and lock into place securely, and even when all parts are extended and open, none of the tool’s items will feel loose. This is true even of the screwdriver, which is longer than many other screwdrivers offered as part of multi tools. This tool is versatile enough to be used every day, but will serve you well when you really need it most.

Bottom Line

The Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Tool is the best survival tool you will be able to find. Just know that if you want a knife with a sharpened point, you may need to bring another knife along.   

Leatherman – Wingman Multi Tool


  • Durable
  • Not bulky
  • High quality
  • Pocket clip is sturdy
  • Comes with a nylon sheath
  • Awesome bang for the buck


  • Can be difficult to lock open the scissors

The Leatherman – Wingman Multi Tool is a close second for us when it comes to most effective multi tools, right behind the Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Tool. The Wingman has got it all: a knife, screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, a wire stripper, a package opener, scissors, a bottle opener, a can opener, a ruler, and a file.

Plus, the whole thing is attached to a pocket clip, so you can easily just slip it right on your belt and have it at hand whenever you need it. It has a number of qualities that distinguish it from other, similar tools, including spring loaded pliers, which you do not really see on multi tools.

It is also incredibly easy to disassemble and reassemble, so if there is a part that gets stuck or needs fixing, you will be able to address it yourself instead of having to contact the manufacturer. It is good for everyday use and can stand up to survival situations as well.

Bottom Line

The Leatherman – Wingman Multi Tool is a great multi tool that is our runner-up choice for best overall. The only thing you may struggle with with this tool is keeping the scissors locked open.   

Best for the Money:
Gerber Suspension Multi Plier


  • Well made
  • Lightweight
  • High quality
  • Blades arrive sharp


  • Scissors are a little on the short side
  • Velcro clasp material on the included storage pouch is not particularly durable

The Gerber Suspension Multi Plier is the survival multi tool for you if you are looking for something will still be incredibly effective in an emergency situation, but will not break the bank for you.

This tool has far and above the best bang for your buck. You will not be compromising any quality when you invest in this, despite paying a lower price point.

It has needle nose pliers, a straight blade, a serrated blade, a wire cutter/stripper, three different screwdrivers, a bottle opener, scissors, a can opener, a saw, a lanyard ring, and an awl – so essentially everything you could ever want or need in a survival situation.

And, it is durable and versatile enough to be used for simple, everyday tasks as well. It is accessible for anyone to use, even those who are unfamiliar with the concept of multi tools, as all of the different tools are easy to retract and pop out.

Bottom Line

The Gerber Suspension Multi Plier is the best survival multi tool for your money you will be able to find. Just know you may need to get your own storage pouch for it because the included one is not super well designed.  

Best Survival Hatchet Multi Tool:
IUNIO Camping Axe Multi Tool


  • Well made
  • Axe head arrives sharp
  • IUNIO provides good customer service
  • Back of axe head is textured, so it could also be used as a hammer to drive in tent stakes


  • Compass at the base detaches easily

If you are looking to take your multi tool game to the next level and include a tool that no other multi tool reviewed on this list is bold enough to rock, you have got to go with the IUNIO Camping Axe Multi Tool.

This has a lot of the items you will find on other units, including a fire starter, a safety hammer/glass breaker, a fisher scaler tool, a whistle, a bottle opener, a hand rope, and a compass.

But there is one big difference: everything on this tool is also attached to an axe! You may be a little confused as to how something as big as an axe could still serve as a multi tool.

IUNIO has designed a handle that can be broken down and reassembled, so this tool can still be super small if necessary – and, as a bonus, if you need to use your axe in a tight spot, you can physically shrink the handle down if necessary. 

The whole thing comes with a nylon sheath so you can carry the tool on your belt, and some free included grip camo tape to wrap around the axe handle and make it more comfortable on your hands.

Bottom Line

The IUNIO Camping Axe Multi Tool is a fantastic multi tool that also rocks an axe! Make sure to watch out for the compass detaching, though.    

Best Survival Shovel Multi Tool:
Five Joy Military Folding Shovel Multi Tool


  • Heavy duty
  • Lightweight
  • High quality
  • Well constructed
  • Durable, will last a long time


  • Rubberized grips on the handle are not comfortable

The Five Joy Military Folding Shovel Multi Tool is everything you would ever want or need in a survival multi tool, but with one big bonus: this also has a full on shovel. There are not many things that could benefit you more if you are out in the woods needing to live off the land in the wake of a natural disaster!

This tool has got it all: a paracord loop, a knife, a saw, a whistle, a bottle opener, and a magnesium rod…and of course, the shovel.

This shovel is not just for moving dirt: users report that the edge is plenty sharp and it is strong enough to cut down entire trees. How’s that for a multi tool?

Additionally, this set up comes with an extension piece to make the shovel handle longer and add more versatility.

Bottom Line

The Five Joy Military Folding Shovel Multi Tool is an excellent choice if you are looking for a multi tool that also incorporates a versatile shovel. Just make sure to also pack gloves, as this shovel’s grip is not comfortable.   

Best Zombie Multi Tool:
Citadel Black Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Knife


  • Lightweight
  • Good kit to add on to other survival tools
  • Small size allows for easy, quick transportation
  • Face mask can also double as a scarf when it is cold


  • Does not come with weatherproof matches

The Citadel Black Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Knife has anything and everything you will ever need for the inevitable day when the undead begin to walk among us.

Check out everything this kit has to offer: a small tin box for storage, a zombie hunting permit, zombie warning stickers to warn other survivors, a tactical folding knife, an apocalypse survival information card, a fire starter, a face mask with a skull design, a green paracord bracelet with an attached whistle, a mini compass, a pair of ear plugs, a carabiner with a screw lock, a steel keychain, two glow sticks, cleansing pads, adhesive bandages, antibacterial ointment, and a candle.

Is there anything not listed that you could possibly need? We are pretty sure Citadel Black has us completely covered for a time when we are all trying to outrun the nearest zombie.  

Bottom Line

The Citadel Black Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Knife has everything that will help you be one of the few survivors on the day the world is taken over by the undead. Just know that it does not come with weatherproof matches.    

How to Choose a Survival Multi Tool

There are certainly a lot of options for survival tools, but how do you know which one is the best for your specific situation? Here are some things to consider:

Fire Starting Capability

Many survival tools have fire starters, but many do not. You may want to assess the area you live in and what is the likelihood that you would want access to a fire in an emergency.

Type of Knife Blade

As referenced in some of our tools discussed above, some survival tools come with straight knife blades and some come with serrated blades. Each are important in different ways – but which one will be most helpful for you and your needs in an emergency?

Storage Options

Some survival tools come with their own carrying pouches, or with loops to be attached to a belt or survival pack. These custom storage options can make a big difference when you are carrying your entire life along with you in a survival situation.


Survival multi tools can really make a difference when it gets down to the wire in an intense emergency situation. Make sure to critically assess your most probable needs if you were to be in survival mode, and go with a tool that will best serve you during the worst of times.