Best SKS Scope Mounts -2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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The SKS rifle has no extras included when you purchase it and is not really a long-range rifle.

However, it is a good idea to add a scope to the rifle to enhance its usability.

This review will show you the mounts needed to make the SKS better.

Comparison of the Best SKS Scope Mounts

  • Best SKS Scope mount overall
  • It has a groove for emergency back-up iron sight.
  • To easily clean under it, the rail unlocks at the back to pivot forward.
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  • Best for the money
  • The thorough instructions included will help you install it quickly.
  • You get an SKS mount that fits perfectly.
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  • We find this to be the Best Magwedge SKS Rail Scope.
  • It is equipped with a groove for emergency back-up iron sight.
  • It is made from a single piece of aluminum.
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  • We consider this to be the Best Matador Scope Mount.
  • It is made from one solid piece of strong aluminum.
  • It is a perfect fit for the SKS
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Perks of Getting a New SKS Scope Mount

There are quite a few benefits involved when you get a new scope mount for the standard SKS rifle. Let us take a close look at what these benefits to you and the rifle are.

It will improve the overall usability of the SKS rifle significantly, and it will change the aesthetics of the rifle quite a bit.

The SKS rifle’s range is about 300 yards, but with a scope attached, you can enhance its target acquiring capabilities significantly.

SKS See-Thru

By adding a scope mount to the SKS rifle, you will increase the overall accuracy of the rifle quite noticeably.

With an optic mount, you can install many other types of accessories, and you are also not stuck with one type of scope.

If you can find a scope mount that fits snugly to the SKS rifle without too much modifying, it will improve the rifle. With a snugly fitted scope mount, you can easily retain zero without having to adjust every time you clean the rifle.

After the installation of a good scope mount, you will be able to use the rifle for different types of shooting.

What Makes a Great SKS Scope Mount?

A good SKS scope mount must have the following properties to make it a great addition to the rifle.


The scope mount you want to add must not be too heavy. Remember that you must still add the weight of the scope to the rifle, as well. The rifle itself weighs a few pounds already.


If it is not made from high-quality materials, it will not last very long when it has to deal with wear and tear. To mention just one abuse, all the spent shells will shoot out from the rifle against it.

Easy to Install

The scope mount must be easy to install without the need for you to modify your SKS rifle too much.

Hold Zero

If the mount installed onto the rifle does not help keep the scope at zero most of the time, it is useless. The scope must retain zero on the mount, or you will lose accuracy.

Must Fit Perfectly

A perfect fit of the mount to the rifle is necessary. Otherwise, all the above-mentioned properties will be of no value. It must fit snugly to the rifle. 

Review of the Best SKS Scope Mounts

It is always a good thing to do some research when you want to buy good quality gear. With this review, we make it easy for you to look at some great quality scope mounts.

Best Overall:
UTG PRO SKS Scope Mount


  • If correctly installed, the scope mount fits perfectly
  • The scope mount will hold the scope on zero very well
  • Everything you need to install it on the rifle is included
  • The scope uses a low profile design to give you more stability
  • It is made from very high-quality materials for long-lasting use


  • A high price tag is attached to it
  • There is no casing deflector included
  • This scope mount is very difficult to install

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a very well-made scope mount for the SKS rifle and is very easy to use on the rifle. The UTG PRO fits perfectly on the SKS rifle, and it is not wobbly or loose-fitting. Plus, it keeps the scope steady. It is a great scope for the SKS rifle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is made from very high-quality materials that will last a very long time against the onslaught of the elements. The optic mount will fit perfectly on the rifle and will leave it sturdily in place to keep the scope at zero. Everything that is necessary to install it is included. 

Who Will Use This Most

First of all, this is designed for the SKS rifle and is a perfect fit with a great design and quality construction. It is also a great piece of gear for the rifle sportsman who loves to use the SKS rifle for shooting. It will increase the shooting value of your rifle.

Bottom Line

This is a great value scope. Even though it is a bit expensive, the value and great features make up for that. You may struggle a bit to get it installed on the SKS rifle, but the end product will be beneficial. Overall, you get great value for your money.

Best for the Money:
QuickRail SKS Scope Mount From Magwedge

Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount KwikRail Gen 2.5


  • A quick pin is included with this scope mount
  • The rail will hold the scope on zero reasonably well
  • It is made from high-quality materials for long-lasting use
  • A sturdy casing deflector is included with this scope mount
  • The scope mount fits snugly when correctly installed on the rifle


  • It is quite difficult to install
  • It is not suitable for stripper clips
  • You can only have the rail installed

What Recent Buyers Report

This mount fits many styles of shooting and has a nice long rail with lots of available rail space. This product can pivot out of the way when cleaning the rifle, and it always returns to zero when you put it back. This is great for your SKS rifle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The fact that you can use this scope mount for many different types of shooting styles makes it a functional piece. The casing deflector that is included with this mount helps to protect your scope from damage. It is very easy to use, and you have lots of rail space.

Who Will Use This Most

Anyone who loves target shooting with a scope attached and the hunters who use different types of scopes will love this. If you are one of those people who love simplicity and functionality in one piece of gear, this is for you, as well. Overall, it is great for all SKS rifle users.

Bottom Line

You get great value for your money with this strong and sturdy piece of rifle gear. It is a no-nonsense piece of equipment that is straightforward and specifically made for one purpose. You will have to look hard for anything similar to its likeness and usefulness.

3. See-Thru Scope Mount From SKS

SKS See-Thru Scope Mount


  • The design of this scope mount is of high-quality
  • All the parts and tools needed to install are included
  • It is made from very strong and high-quality materials
  • This scope mount is not too difficult to install on the rifle
  • The finish will protect it against rust and other wear and tear


  • You get a short rail
  • No shell deflector is included
  • It is difficult to hold zero with this mount

What Recent Buyers Report

This scope mount is very well-manufactured, is very solid and strong, and fits great on the SKS. After installation, it fits tight, and it is not unstable or wobbly at all. If you follow the instructions that are included, you will be able to fit it easily.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a simple and straightforward piece of gear that is designed to be easy to use and install. Everything you need to install and set it up is included in the package. It is made from very high-quality materials to give you long service.

Who Will Use This Most

This SKS rifle scope mount is suitable to be used for many different shooting styles and different scopes. It is also suitable for the many different types of rifle sports that can be practiced with the SKS rifle. Additionally, it is perfect to use with all types of long-range target practice.

Bottom Line

This is a very simple type of scope mount that can be used on the SKS rifle for a variety of applications. You also get great value for your money, and it is a great addition to any rifle sportsman’s tools. Plus, you get very high-quality craftsmanship.

4. Full-Length SKS Scope Mount From Matador


  • You have a long rail on this scope mount
  • The mount is a perfect fit for the SKS rifle
  • It has a reasonable price tag attached to it
  • To clean, you can remove the rear pin and flip it forward
  • The scope mount is very well-designed and very strongly built


  • Only the rail can be used
  • It can not be used with stripper clips
  • The scope mount is difficult to install

What Recent Buyers Report

The optics are stable on this scope mount rail, and it will stay at zero most of the time. This mount fits very well on the rifle and also just looks great to alter the looks of the rifle. It is one of the best available solutions for scoping with the SKS rifle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The high-quality this scope mount is made of makes it a great investment for the classic SKS rifle. This mount rail will help turn your standard SKS rifle into a full tactical weapon. The Matador optic mount is designed for the SKS and is a perfect fit when installed.

Who Will Use This Most

All SKS owners can benefit from this scope mount to add value to your rifle and enhance the usability of it. It is easy to clean the rifle with this mount attached. You only need to remove the rear pin. Then, simply flip it forward where it will be out of the way.

Bottom Line

With this scope mount installed on your rifle, you will have a better rifle and improved value of your SKS. The built-in deflector will deflect the spent shells to protect the scope from harm. Overall, it offers great value and quality.

5. Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount

Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount


  • This scope mount allows the use of stripper clips
  • It is compatible with many other types of scope mounts
  • Everything you need to install is included in the package
  • With this optic mount, you get a very accurate and stable assembly
  • Optional plates are included to make it compatible with many mounts


  • It has a very short rail
  • It is difficult to install this mount
  • There is no protection for your scope

What Recent Buyers Report

This scope mount is made from good quality materials and is very well-designed and also very strong. The installation took quite some time, but the satisfaction of having this scope makes up for all the hard work. This scope mount is well-made, and it looks great, as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With this short version of the Crazy Ivan scope, you are able to use stripper clips for quick reloading of your magazine. When it is assembled, it will fit perfectly and snugly on the rifle for enhanced accuracy with your scopes. Your optics can easily be removed and reattached.

Who Will Use This Most

This is great for target practice, as well as for competitive shooting at the shooting range and at moving targets. You get a great optic mount for the SKS rifle that is specially designed for it. This is a well-suited scope mount for all SKS rifle lovers and proud owners.

Bottom Line

This scope mount comes at quite a reasonable price, and the high quality you get with this mount is money well spent. It may be chosen as a runner-up, but it is just as good as the best of them. With this mount, you get great value for your money.

Types of Scope Mounts

There are three main types of scope mounts available for rifles.

The Weaver Scope Mount

This type of scope mount is the most commonly used type of mount for rifles. A wide, flat base is used with this type of mount and has a crosswise slot that cuts into the base. It is very easy to attach or to remove the scope from this mount for easy compatibility and mobility.

The Leopold Scope Mount

With this type of scope mount, you have a very sleek and strong base. These are very popular for long-range sports. They are also considered to be very reliable and trouble-free and are quite popular for hunting use. They are interchangeable with other mounts of the same type, but they can not be easily removed and re-attached to other rifles.

The Picatinny Scope Mount

This is also a very popular and tested type of scope mount that is used for many types of shooting. This mount has a slightly deeper and wider slot, and it is normally thicker than the other two-piece base set. You can use this mount rail for very long-range shooting.

How to Assemble an SKS Scope Mount

There is normally quite a bit of work involved with the installation of a scope mount, even for the easiest ones. Everything you need comes in the box. The only tools you will need are a drill and drill bit.

  1. Make sure the rifle is not loaded. 

  2. Start by removing the recoil cover and the recoil spring.

  3. Then, remove the cocking mechanism.

  4. Put the scope mount over the rear chamber at the precise place.

  5. Now, you can fasten the mount onto the rifle with the cable ties supplied and make sure it is tightly held by the cable ties.

  6. Next, you need to drill the holes in the rifle body by using the drill guide that comes included in the package.

  7. Drill the holes in the body at the exact places where it is shown.

  8. Tap the holes with the supplied tapper to make it threaded.

  9. Then, you can tighten the mount with the screws included and the Allen key that is also supplied.

  10. Drill all the holes according to the instructions that come with the scope mount.

  11. Finally, you need to tighten all the screws.


With the conclusion of this review, you have everything you need to make an informed decision for the right scope mount. Use the features and technical info at your disposal to your advantage to better your SKS rifle. This will help make your rifle more usable.