Best Mossberg 500 Sights – 2020 Reviews

Having a good sight can elevate your performance when you’re out on the range or in the field looking for that 5-point buck. You may be on the hunt for the best Mossberg 500 sight, and if you are, you will be confronted with quite a few options.  

To spare you time, cash, and migraines, we’ve put together a list that you can use to narrow down your options. It is essential to choose a sight that will take care of business regardless of what you’re utilizing your Mossberg 500 shotgun for.

Comparison Chart of the Best Mossberg 500 Sights


XS Sights New Big Dot

  • Best Mossberg 500 sight Overall
  • Big dot powered by tritium for improved accuracy
  • Crafted for rapid target acquisition
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TRUGLO Starbrite Deluxe

  • Crafted with a small diameter bead replacement
  • Sight is machined with CNC for improved balance
  • Endorsed by Ducks unlimited
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Williams Gun Sight

  • Best for the Money
  • Crafted with the ability to adjust windage and elevation
  • Designed using high visibility fiber optics
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Mossberg Ghost Ring Sight Kit

  • Best Mossberg 500 Ghost Ring Sights
  • Designed to give you an unobstructed downrange view
  • Crafted with fiber optic front and rear sights
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Meprolight Fixed Set

  • Best Mossberg 500 Night Sights
  • Crafted with unequaled low light performance
  • Compact and lightweight build for better mobility
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TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Universal Sight

  • Best Mossberg 500 Fiber Optic Sights
  • Fits well on plain barrel shotguns
  • Fitted with fiber optics that are high quality
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When Would a New Sight Come in Handy?

Finding and installing a new sight can afford the gun owner a lot of significant advantages. So here are a few reasons we suggest that you invest in a new sight for your Mossberg 500:

Useful if You Are Shooting in Low Light Quite Regularly

When you are dealing with limited light, your aim could suffer. Be that as it may, who needs to haul around night vision goggles constantly in the event that something goes wrong? Instead, including a sight that is significantly more effective in low light circumstances is a tremendously more astute buy. 

When You’re Dealing With a Factory Sight

With a new sight, you will, in general, be improving the quality of the sights. While including one of the brand’s updated sights, you can gain recognition. You can prepare and train so you can discharge the entirety of your weapons without a second thought, especially when you are new to shooting.

When You Are a Hunter

A new sight can be very beneficial when you are a die-hard hunter. Making sure to have a sight that has all the trimmings and accuracy will not only save you time and elevate your accuracy, but it will also save you money.

Why Did These Sights Make Our List?

Finding the best Mossberg 500 sight will take some exploration, but one thing is for sure there are certain features that you should consider when making that choice. Here are the most essential contemplations to remember while searching for your very own sight: 


Numerous sights that are intended for the Mossberg 500 will contain a kind of housing. The vast majority of these will be built from materials like steel or aluminum. This is intended to be strong and ready to reduce the shock that is created from kickback. An incredible sight will hold zero and remain set up even after you shoot many rounds. 


A really extraordinary sight should function admirably, paying little mind to the surrounding light conditions. A portion of the sights you’ll see will contain something known as tritium. These are splendid enough for you to see no matter the light and climate circumstances. Actually, tritium sights are amazing, even those with poor vision will have the ability to see through them better than iron sights or dot sights. 


If you need a sight on your Mossberg and would prefer not to burn through an excess of time, you’ll need to discover one that is easy to install. There are a few sights that may not be as easy to introduce. On the off chance that introducing a sight for your Mossberg is scary, at that point enrolling the administrations of a close-by gunsmith may be the best choice.

Quick Take | Best Mossberg 500 Sights

Review of the Best Mossberg 500 Sights

Now that you have a good idea of what to look for, we can check out the sights that we have chosen.

XS Sights Big Dot Tritium Shotgun Bead for Remington and Mossberg Shotguns, Tactical Tritium Front Sight Glows in The Dark, Fits Pedestal and Plain Barrel Shotguns


  • Unit is easy to install 
  • Threading does not cause any problems
  • Price versus value is better than expected
  • Size is bigger than many of the other factory beads
  • Has a good radiance on par with many pistol sights
  • Has several insets that can be used for different environments


  • Installation may take a bit of time
  • The installation will take multiple tools

What Recent Buyers Report

This sight is an amazingly helpful sight when it comes to accuracy. The installation and components are of high quality. Though some have had issues with the threading, these are few and far between, ​and that is why so many of the recent buyers love this scope.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are so many things about this scope that we could rave about. However, when we sat back and really looked at the accuracy of this sight, that was what drove us to choose it. The big dot system that is crafted with tritium offers optimal lighting and multiple indicators that will help improve your aim.

Who Will Use This Most

This sight is perfect for the beginner gunman or woman. The sights focus on accuracy, and easy installation makes this a great way to learn how to aim. This is especially true if the new shooter is hunting a fast-paced game. 

Bottom Line

This is a uniquely crafted sight that offers everything you need in a sight. It’s crafted with high-quality material and designed to be installed easily. All of that combines together to make this easily the best overall sight out there.

TRUGLO Starbrite Deluxe Fiber Optic Sight 5-40 Green


  • Threaded perfectly for a good fit
  • Clear visibility for enhanced accuracy
  • Installation is quick and easy to complete
  • Tight fit that doesn’t move even after multiple shots
  • Able to illuminate outside or when it catches the light
  • Crafted with premium-grade materials for improved durability


  • Issues with sight lining up 
  • Some have had issues with the overall size

What Recent Buyers Report

Acquiring is a lot easier than it is with the factory bead sight. Though some have had issues with the size, on the whole, most people that have added this to their kit would gladly recommend it. Not only because of the high-quality build but also the systems built into it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When looking for a good sight, the ability to offer superior accuracy is key, and with the small diameter bead, that is exactly what this sight gives you. That, coupled with the superior machining, leaves you with a high-quality sight that would make anyone happy.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great sight for those that are a little older. The sight is designed with that small bead that helps even the poorest of eyesight focus on the target at hand. The light is easy to see and large enough to have you shooting like a sharpshooter in no time.

Bottom Line

Finding the right sight is crucial to the efficiency of your hunting capability. You will not go wrong adding this finely machined well-designed sight. With a good price and premium components, this sight is easily one of the best available today.

Best for the Money:
Williams Gun Sight

Williams Mossberg 500 Red Green Shotgun Sight


  • Comes in a front and rear sight set
  • Designed with contrasting fiber optics
  • Price versus value makes this a great deal
  • Built with high-grade CNC machined aluminum
  • Sight is clear no matter what the weather is like
  • Fit is perfect for almost all Mossberg 500 shotguns
  • Crafted with high-quality materials for improved durability


  • Not compatible with older Mossberg models
  • Issues with sights needing some gunsmithing

What Recent Buyers Report

Durability is the name of the game, and with the price of this sight, many recent buyers tout its efficiency. Though it is not a sight for all, especially those that do not have a dovetail joint, the ease of installation and quality ​make it one of the most loved sights for your Mossberg shotguns.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The thing that we really love about this sight is the value that you get for such an affordable price. Using high-quality fiber optics, this sight offers you an elevated accuracy and doesn’t break the bank.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great sight for that hunter working on a tight budget. The amount of use and the efficiency you will get will lead to optimal results. It is also a great choice for those that are in search of multiple sights (i.e., families) as you can get more bang for your buck.

Bottom Line

The versatility of compatibility and the accuracy of acquisition is all you really need to focus on with this sight. Its well-crafted design is done with premium materials that will allow you to be able to take advantage of this sight for years to come.

Best Mossberg 500 Ghost Ring Sights:
Mossberg Ghost Ring Sight Kit

Mossberg Ghost Ring Sight Kit 12Ga 500/590


  • Enhanced precision when targeting your prey
  • Package comes with both rear and front sights
  • Fast and easy acquisition when using this sight
  • Built with high-grade premium steel for durability
  • Sight is easy to install and takes no time to get done
  • Built with premium-grade materials for exceptional durability


  • Tricky to access rear sight mounting holes
  • Needs minor welding to install the front sight

What Recent Buyers Report

There may be a need for a little gunsmith work, but on the whole, if you are looking for quick targeting and easy to use, this is it. Plus, this sight looks sharp and uses high-end fiber optics that make this a great ghost ring sight.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The fiber optics used in both the front and rear sights make this an elevated piece of equipment. The inclusion of this component helps optimize the ghost ring design giving you high-quality results. That is why we chose this as one of the best available to you.

Who Will Use This Most

The quick and precision acquisition lends itself to be a great choice for those that are hunting fast game. Ones that you will have to hit on the run. The ruggedness is a great asset for those hunters that get in the brush and do so regularly. These are the hunters that will get the most from this sight.

Bottom Line

Ghost ring sights offer heightened precision, and this one is among the best. The craftsmanship used in the construction and the attention to premium components make this a great choice for many hunters the world over. That is why we chose it to be one of the sights on our list.

Best Mossberg 500 Night Sights:
Meprolight Fixed Set

Meprolight Fixed Set


  • Aesthetically pleasing-looking sight
  • Dot is easy to pick up even in daylight
  • Designed with a 3 dot tritium configuration
  • Price versus value is well worth the investment
  • System is precise and handles the shock better than most
  • Installation is easy to execute and doesn’t take much time


  • Size may be too small for some
  • Some have had to file down the threads

What Recent Buyers Report

The price of this site is amazing, and the precision it offers makes it quite the steal. The night sight capability is amazing as well, and that is why many recent buyers love to recommend this sight to anyone that will listen.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The low light performance is what makes this the perfect night sight. The optimal precision given by this piece will enhance any gunman’s overall performance by leaps and bounds. That is why we chose this sight as one of the best available.

Who Will Use This Most

This sight is perfect for the hunter that does a lot of night hunting. The low light capability and field of view give this a lot of precision. That is why we knew it had to be the best night vision sight on our list.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for a sight for night hunting, then you want one that has a good low light capability. This sight has that, and that is why we made this one of the must-buy options on our list.

Best Mossberg 500 Fiber Optic Sights:
TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Universal Sight

TRUGLO Home Defense Fiber Optic Front Sight 12-20Ga Green


  • Able to handle high temperatures
  • Crafted with high-end fiber optics
  • Low profile increases range of view
  • Sight has perfect alignment when installing
  • Price versus value makes this sight stand out
  • Sight dot is very easy to see even in the lowest light
  • The installation is easy to complete and doesn’t take much time


  • Made of plastic which decreases durability
  • Loses fit after extended use which decreases precision

What Recent Buyers Report

The sight is easy to snap in and install and offers optimal precision when it comes to aiming. That attached to a price tag like the one this comes with means that this is a great deal. That is why a lot of hunters insist on recommending this to all their friends.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The quality of the fiber optics obviously caught our eye. That is why it is the best overall fiber optics sight for your Mossberg 500. These fiber optics will increase your visibility and allow for better accuracy.

Who Will Use This Most

Every hunter would benefit from this, but the one that will get the most is the new hunter setting out on their first night hunt. The fiber optics allow for better and more precise acquisition, which is vital in the field.

Bottom Line

No matter what you are hunting for, this sight will have you covered. This sight is crafted with durable, high-quality materials that will ensure that you get what you are hunting for with ease. Once you take a look at that, you will quickly see that this is one of the best sights on the market today.

Best Mossberg 500 Tactical Sights:
Spitfire Armory

Spitfire Armory - MX Tactical Rear Sight for Mossberg 500 and similar shotguns


  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at
  • Perfectly fits almost all Mossberg 500 shotguns
  • Installation is easy and takes little time to complete
  • Compact and thin profile for a better range of vision
  • High-quality materials used in construction enhances the durability 
  • Due to this durability, you will be able to use this for extended periods


  • Price may seem a bit steep for some
  • Some find fault with lack of front sight

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a sight that you can throw anything at. The durability of this piece is matched only by its fit and precision. Though some may find the price a little excessive, they still know that it is well worth the expenditure.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The biggest thing that really stood out to use is the profile of this sight. When you are looking for a tactical sight, you want one that will not add heft or obstruct your overall view. That is why the slim profile is so amazing.

Who Will Use This Most 

This is good for the more tactical hunter. The lightweight frame and profile make the field of view better. That will give you the tactical advantage when you are looking to sneak up on your prey. Then with a quick acquisition, you will ​have great results no matter what you are hunting.

Bottom Line

This sight from Spitfire is one of the best periods, but when talking about tactical, it shines the most. The slim frame and the premium grade materials make this perfect for any hunter, and that is why it is such a great investment.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

Before you even get to the final decision, you will need to know a few things going into the process. Here are some things to get you started:


There are some various kinds of sights that will fit impeccably for your Mossberg 500. While not all sights are made equally, they all fill a similar need. Here are a few kinds of sights that are available: 

Fiber Optic Sights

Fiber optic sights frequently use tritium so the sight can be as brilliant as needed and are viewed as the reliable top choices of numerous Mossberg proprietors. 

Red Dot

This kind of sight is, for the most part, found in scopes. Red dot sights are intended to be exact and precise, like their fiber optic partner. The main distinction is this doesn’t accompany either front or back sights. 

Ghost Ring Sights

A ghost ring sight will be a sight that is commonly fitted at the back of your shotgun. A few sights will frequently have a phantom ring back sight that goes together with a front sight that is usually a tritium-shaded fiber optic sight. These are planned for exact and precise shooting.


Understanding what you have to spend and what you are willing to spend is crucial to know before you start your hunt. Knowing this will allow you to opt-in and opt-out for any extra features and designs while finding what you are looking for.


Understanding what type of game you are planning to use the sight for, will allow you to optimize your choice by focusing on key factors.


Finding the best sight for a Mossberg 500 doesn’t need to be hard. Recognizing what sort of sight to search for will make the process much simpler. It is essential to discover a sight that will ensure that each shot you shoot on your Mossberg 500 will be precise. With the list and information above, you should be able to do just that.