Best Mini 14 Scopes of 2020 – Complete Round-up

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For a sporting gun like a mini 14, good accuracy is crucial. Without accuracy, the gun is rendered unreliable and useless. 

Scopes offer a solution to this problem. They give a better and closer view of the target, increasing accuracy. 

In this article, we will discuss the best scopes that, when used with a mini 14, give an unbeatable combination.

Comparison of the Best Mini 14 Scopes

  • Design is fogproof, rainproof, and rainproof for maximum performance
  • Boasts uninterrupted illumination in any adverse conditions
  • Multi emerald coated lenses are best in class
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  • Features two dot colors and up to 10 brightness settings
  • Rapid target acquisition due to the unlimited eye relief
  • Lightweight but single-piece chassis ensures shockproof performance
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  • Best for the Money
  • Shockproof, waterproof, fogproof, ideal for any weather conditions
  • Uses fiber optics that collects ambient light
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  • Best Red Dot Scope For Mini 14
  • Provides guaranteed quality due to premium, precise materials
  • Boasts five different brightness settings, suitable for any time of the day
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  • Best Mini 14 Ranch Rifle Scope
  • Versatile design ensures compatibility with numerous rifles
  • Comes with a side focus parallax to achieve long-range accuracy
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  • Best Mini 14 Tactical Scope
  • Designed for hunting, but is suitable for other types of shooting
  • Extremely clear through fog, rain, and other weather conditions
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When Would I Use a Scope on My Mini 14?

A mini 14 is a close-range gun. It is widely popular and can be used for various purposes. When you attach a scope to it, the efficiency of your weapon is greatly enhanced. The scope enables the user to use the mini 14 beyond the close-range distance and extend its use to mid-range.


The mini 14 is very widely used as a ranch rifle. In combination with a good reliable scope, it is no wonder that you will have a successful day on the hunting ground. Varmints are small and quick, which makes them a difficult target. They can hide easily and run very fast. But with a mini 14 equipped with a scope in hand, you are no match for them. Mini 14 is used as a popular choice of weapon for hunting down varmints.

Plinking/Shooting Range

Shooting at targets at a shooting range is a very practical way to sharpen your shooting skills. For plinking, too, a mini 14 is often used in combination with a scope. The rifle is easy to handle and serves beginners and experienced shooters likewise. Hence, next time you head over to a shooting range, a mini 14 would prove useful for short distance targets, but when combined with a scope, it can extend the usability to the middle range with incredible accuracy.


Another use where a scope might prove very useful on a mini 14 is for self-defense. Whether you are against an armed robber or an animal, a mini 14 would serve well. The scope would enhance your field of vision and give you a better target. By using one, you can injure the threat, rather than risk killing it, until the authorities arrive. 

What Size of Scope Do I Need for the Mini 14?

The size of the scope really depends on your intended shooting range. Based on whether you are a close, medium, or long-range shooter, there will be different sizes to best serve the need. For close-distance shooting like for self-defense or plinking, a magnification of 1-4x would suffice. 

However, if you are looking for a medium-range use, for example, for varmint hunting, then 5-12x would be good. And even though a mini 14 is not designed for long-distance shooting, if you still want to use ii, you can still do so with a scope of 12x magnification and above. 

If you intend to use the gun for different ranges, then buy a variable powered scope.

Review of the Best Mini 14 Scopes 

Since a mini 14 is a popular gun, plenty of options ranging in scope size and other characteristics are available for it. Here are some options you can consider:

Best Overall:
UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope


  • Uninterrupted illumination due to a special circuit
  • Built on a true strength platform, filled with Nitrogen and sealed
  • 30mm tactical range estimating scope for locking targets on the move
  • 3-12x44 range caters for the need of small distance and mid-range shooting
  • Angled front, emerald lens coating, and flip-open lens cap provide anti-glare and protection


  • No recognizable color pattern in the 36 color reticle

What Recent Buyers Report

The UTG scope was widely popular among recent buyers due to its many appreciable qualities. The zero held its place, and the glass was observed to be very clear. The focus knob came in handy for gaining quick focus no matter what the length. The scope should clear the image at different magnification powers and different lengths.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Many features make this scope stand out; from its construction to its function, it is one of the best optics available. Complementing the nitrogen-filled and sealed construction is a smart spherical structure that governs the smooth movement of tubes resulting in responsive and precise adjustments. 

Zeroing is done using crisp and lockable turrets that work very efficiently. The parallax-free view provides a clear, sharp view from ten yards to infinity. Any of the 36 colors can be used to illuminate the reticle as needed by the weather conditions. 

Additionally, the reticle remains illuminated even during backfire so that you can still view the target even after the bullet has left the gun. To top it all of, the UTG backs the scope with a lifetime warranty. 

Bottom Line

This UTG scope is a very good choice of optics thanks to its sturdy design and unmatched functionality. It can be used for short to mid-range distances. With such a well-illuminated reticle and anti-glare technology, you are sure to make very accurate shots. 

Vortex Optics Strikefire II


  • Can be used with a magnifier
  • Single-piece chassis is lightweight but shockproof
  • Red or green dot illumination with ten brightness options
  • Nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed for fog and waterproof characteristics
  • Fully multi-coated lens, unlimited eye relief, and unobscured point of view for clear visibility


  • Dust might give a bad flare

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers were very appreciative of this product. They loved how it was ready for installation right out of the box. Many used it under rough and demanding conditions, but the scope met all expectations. They expect it to last long and keep up with its amazing performance throughout. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The 4 MOA red/green dot allows for quick target acquisition and gives the maximum field of view. The scope could be used with both eyes open, which makes the task very easy, especially if you are out for long. The package includes an offset cantilever mount, which could be used to move the scope forward to be used in combination with a magnifier. Moreover, it features a solid body and great anti-glare properties. 

Keeping in view the ease of use, the scope was designed so that all the controls are at the back end of and easily accessible. There are ten brightness settings to cater for all weather and lighting conditions. The unit is also supported by a lifetime warranty that adds the cherry to the cake.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a dependable and rugged scope to accompany you everywhere, no matter how harsh the conditions, then this Vortex scope is just for you. It has shock and water/fog proof properties with a reticle that provides an unhindered field of view. Moreover, the batteries can be replaced easily when they run out for constant use.

Best for the Money:
CRUSHUNT 4x32 Glass Etched Reticle

4x32 Scope Red Fiber Optic Scope Black


  • 4x magnification power for close-range shooting
  • Lightweight; weighs only 450g, making it easy to carry around
  • Made from high strength aluminum alloy to impart unrivaled durability
  • Chevron reticle and real fiber optics for clear and comfortable target viewing and acquisition
  • Water/fog and weather-resistant and capable of withstanding shocks due to falling or bumping


  • Suitable only for short-range shooting

What Recent Buyers Report

The scope by Crushunt left recent buyers very satisfied with their purchase. The optics is a simple and sturdy machinery that is easy to mount and use. It had an all-metal construction that was a huge plus for everyone. Concise etchings on the reticle allowed for quick target acquisition, and the chevron was reported to be nice and clear. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Instead of using electric charging or batteries, this scope utilizes incoming external light from the surroundings to illuminate the reticle. This might seem not up to par, but the Crushunt scope absorbs just the right amount of light to illuminate the field of view without making it too bright or too dark to see. Moreover, the multi-coated lens prevents any sort of glare that might result due to the sunlight. 

For its price, the overall deal is pretty decent. All-metal construction with a well-illuminated reticle along with shock and weather-resistant properties account for a very good scope in this price range. 

Bottom Line

Ensuring the best bang for your buck, the Crushunt 4x32 scope is one of the most useful optics you will come across for your Mini 14. It is best suited for precise target shootings in short ranges. There is no need to change batteries or charge the device because the external light would be enough for all illuminating needs. This makes it usable under all circumstances.

Best Red Dot Scope for Mini 14:
Ozark Rhino Red Dot Sight

OZARK ARMAMENT Rhino Red Dot Sight for Rifle - Shotgun Scope, 4MOA Rifle Red Dot Sight, Red Dot Scopes for Rifles & Shotgun Scopes with Green Dot Sight & Red Dot Optics for Rifles, Reflex Sight


  • Parallax view for split-second target acquisition
  • Holds zero perfectly no matter how many the rounds
  • Four MOA accuracy for short and medium-range shooting
  • Can co-witness using the cantilever mount with any Ozark iron sight
  • Red/Green dot for target acquisition with five different brightness levels


  • Might show little ghosting or bleeding as the level of magnification increases

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers loved what the scope had to offer at this price range. Its glass was observed to be very clear. The red/green dot did not show hints of blue or brown like low-cost scopes do. Many of them reported that the dot remains crisp, no matter the lighting conditions. All in all, it was deemed suitable for close-range shootings.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to a good-quality, solid, and dependable build, this Ozark sight cannot go wrong. It has nitrogen purging to prevent fogging, and the sealed design protects the inners from any sort of dust or moisture. The build is solid enough to withstand harsh and rough use. It shows no problem, no matter how long you constantly use it. And even if you drop it or bump it hard against some surface, you will find it working optimally. 

In addition to the sturdy construction, the red dot is as sharp and crisp in bright light as it is in the dark. This makes it extremely useful for identifying targets under all light conditions. This Ozark scope is optimal for up to 100 yards of shooting with its 4x magnification range. 

Bottom Line

Ozark has yet again released a very reasonable piece of optics. The scope is strong and solid in form. When it comes to functioning, it has a good hold at zero and a nice crisp dot reticle for quick target identification and shooting. Furthermore, it is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Best Scope for Mini 14 Ranch Rifle:
Bushnell Optics BDC Reticle Riflescope


  • Capable of aiming to 500 yards while zeros at 100 yards
  • 3-9x magnification range for medium to long-range shooting
  • Target turrets allow precise adjustments with 1/4MOA click valueent
  • Multi-coated glass and nitrogen-purged design with O-ring seals
  • Fast focus eyepiece and side parallax view for long-range accuracy


  • A little heavy and adds on to the weight of the rifle

What Recent Buyers Report

Hailed as another great optic from Bushnell, this scope was very popular among its recent buyers. According to them, it provided the feel of a high-end scope without costing as much. The field of view was observed to be crystal clear, and all the adjustments very responsive. The turrets were crisp and precise.

Why it Stands Out to Us

All the parts on this scope respond well and perform optimally. The turrets are crisp with a nice detectable click. Each click value equals to 1/4MOA. When rotated, the adjustments are made as required very precisely. Moreover, the zero holds well over several rounds. 

To add to the user's comfort and make the use easy, there is a fast-focus eyepiece that can quickly and clearly focus on targets at up to 500 yards of distance. Such features greatly enhance shooting accuracy. The side parallax view also aids in accuracy. Along with that, the build is pretty dependable too.

Bottom Line

Overall, this scope is a good option for transitioning between medium to long-range shooting scenarios. While it complements a Mini 14 nicely, it is also compatible with most other hunting rifles. Therefore, you can use it on several for the price of one. 

Best Mini 14 Tactical Scope:
CVLIFE 6-24x50 Hunting Rifle Scope

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE Red and Green Illuminated Gun Scope with Free Mount


  • Red/green illuminated reticle rifle with a clear view
  • Holds zero over several rounds and even after strong recoil
  • Objective lens diameter is 50mm which gives a wide field of view
  • 40cm long, metal-constructed chassis can take the beating of harsh conditions
  • Features a magnification power of 6-24x, rendering it useful for medium to long-range shooting


  • Turrets work fine but can be better

What Recent Buyers Report

According to most recent buyers, this is a pretty decent choice of scope. It can withstand rough and constant use and still not lose its adjustments like holding the zero or focusing quickly. The view was unobstructed and clear. Conclusively, buyers liked what it offered for its price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The 40mm objective lens has you sorted for a nice and wide field of view. The size allows the user to take a considerable amount of the surrounding without blurring the vision. As far as the magnification is concerned, this scope can go anywhere between 6x and 24x magnification. This makes it suitable for mid-range hunting as well as long-range shooting

The adjustments hold well in place and do not lose their settings after constant use. The 40cm long chassis sits comfortably on top of your Mini 14. And the multi-coated lens prevents any glare. There also is a comfortable eyepiece that you can tighten as you like. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a good-quality scope with a reliable structure and reasonable functioning. It has a 40mm long chassis that works wonders under various light conditions. It is usable over medium and long ranges. Stronghold adjustments and glare-protector glass strengthen the functioning.

Pros and Cons of Adding a Scope to Your Mini 14 

You might be debating as to whether you should add a scope to your Mini 14 or keep using it at its present potential. We are here to make the decision easier for you by giving you a list of the pros and cons of adding a scope to your Mini 14. Going through them will surely help you decide whether or not to opt for this upgrade.


There are numerous pros or advantages linked to adding a scope to your rifle. Some of these are discussed below:

Longer Range

Mini 14 are traditionally designed for close to mid-range shooting. And for an inexperienced shooter, at mid-range, things might get a little out of hand. If you are using the rifle to protect your land against pesky little invaders like varmints, you need to make sure that your aim lands at the target. Being able to cover a long-distance range or have a better field of view is simply impossible without a reliable scope. Hence, to gain some yards on the range, a scope is a good addition.

Better Accuracy

The work of scope is not just limited to increasing the range but also to allow for quick target acquisition and better aims. When you view your target through a scope, you see it up close. As a result, you know exactly where to hit. This perfects your aim and accuracy over time, enabling you to hit your targets with fewer shots and in less time.

Shoot From a Distance

This is especially useful in hunting. Since you don’t want to alert the animal and send it running into hiding, you should maintain your distance from your hunt. A scope allows you to observe the animal from a distance and make the shot when best suited. This way, you hardly ever miss a shot or scare your hunt.


The cons do not act as deal-breakers. These are concerned with finding the most comfortable-to-use scope that fits your use perfectly.

Added Weight

The scope goes on top of the rifle and is carried like that as well. Rifles have some weight of their own already, and an added weight of 1-2lbs on top with a length of approximately 25-30cm might be difficult to carry. But with a shoulder strap, this problem is solved in no time. Even carrying it in hand dismisses the feel of added weight, making the person used to it after some time. 

How to Adjust a Rifle Scope

Adjusting a scope is pretty easy when you use the markings calibrated on the scope. 

  1. On your scope, there are down-up and left-right markings on two different knobs. 

  2. The up and right knobs are usually located on top of the scope. And the right and left knobs are towards the side. But this could differ. However, the markings and indications are clear and hard to miss. 

  3. See which direction your bullet is deflecting to from your desired bull’s eye.

  4. If the bullets are hitting to the right of the target and you want them to hit a little towards the left, then turn the knob towards the left. If they are hitting above the target, then turn the knob down and likewise for other directions. 

  5. The knob turns will make a sharp and definitive click each time you turn it. 

  6. Tune the knobs until you get the rifle in the right direction. 

  7. This would move the crosshair to the right direction and help you make a better aim. 

See the following video to get a better understanding of how to adjust your scope.

Ruger Mini 14 Scope Mount Installation

Installing a Ruger mini 14 scope is not hard at all and involves a few easy steps. These include:

  1. Take the bolt out of the mount. Then, take out the components and assemble them by your side. 

  2. You will first need to attach the scope base to the scope mount. 

  3. On the scope mount next to the recoil lock, you will find screw holes. These are where the scope base will be attached. Align the holes of the scope base with those of the mount and screw in the bolts securely. 

  4. Now, using a wheeler, torque down the base. Usually, the torque values come with the instructions for each scope, and it is best to follow those. 

  5. If the values are not included in the instructions, call the customer services of the brand that manufactures the scope and ask them.

  6. It is possible that a range of torque values might be provided. Choose what suits you the best or choose the middle range for starters. 

  7. Now put the wheeler on the screws and torque it down to the required value.

  8. Put the bolt back in place.

  9. Align your rings where you want to put them on the scope and push to clamp it on the body of the scope.

  10. Gently move the ring forward or backward to avoid scratching.

  11. If you think the ring will scratch the surface of the scope as it latches on, use a tape. Place a piece of tape on the spot where you want to install the ring. After it latches on, remove the tape.

  12. Place both the rings in position.

  13. Measure where the base of the ring would go on the scope mount and screw them in. 

  14. Align the screw holes on the rings attached to the scope with the holes on the ring base attached to the mount and screw the bolts in. Torque them as indicated in the instructions. 

  15. Put the mount on the gun.

  16. Look through the scope to see if everything looks good. 

  17. Take a few test shots to make sure no further adjustments to the installation are required.

See the following understanding for a deeper understanding and more clarity:


Mini 14 rifles are versatile in their use and very useful ammunition. They can be used from sports range shooting, hunting, or self-defense. Combining them with an efficient scope is a good idea as it only enhances the potential of the gun by increasing its range and giving the user better accuracy over different ranges. If you are looking for an upgrade for your Mini 14 rifle, then investing in a scope would be a great idea.

People Also Ask

There still might be some aspects of the matter that might have remained unanswered in the above discussion. To help you as much as possible, in this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions to satisfy any unanswered queries.

How Far Can a Mini 14 Shoot Accurately?

A mini 14 gun is categorized as a close to a medium-range gun, i.e., it can make effective and accurate shots without any additional accessories to close and medium ranges. They can usually shoot effectively to a distance of 200 yards. But with the use of a scope, this distance could go up to 500 yards.

Can You Put a Scope on a Mini 14?

Yes, you can most definitely add a scope to your Mini 14. It would go on top of the barrel and would not only increase the shooting range of the gun but would also improve the accuracy of the shots over the distance. A scope is a very popular upgrade for a Mini 14.

What Size Scope Rings Come With Ruger Mini 14?

The scope rings of a mini 14 are usually sized at one inch. With this, the scope mounts comfortably on top of the gun and does not come in contact with any other part that may obstruct the view and also so that parts don’t collide with each other.

How Accurate is a Mini 14 With a Scope?

The accuracy of scope is dependent upon how the shooter uses it as well as its characteristics. Usually, with a seasoned shooter, the scopes on a Mini 14 are very accurate. They allow for split-second target acquisition and very accurate and precise shots to a distance as far as 500 yards.

Who Makes the Mini 14?

The Mini 14 is a semi-automatic and lightweight rifle with versatile uses. It is manufactured by a well-known name in ammunition, The Strum, Ruger, and Co. The firearm manufacturing company is based in America with its headquarters set up in Connecticut, while production extends to other parts of the States as well.