Best AR-15 Carry Handle Scope Mounts of 2020 – Complete Review

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A solid AR-15, when combined with the right scope, helps in getting accurate and precise hits on the target. However, there is still one thing missing.

You will need something to keep the scope attached to the rifle, which in this case is the scope mount. Without an efficient scope mount, it is impossible to have a good zero, and without a good zero, you can’t hit the target precisely.

In this article, we will be talking about the best scope mounts currently trending in the market so you can get the perfect one for your AR-15.

Comparison of the Best AR-15 Carry Handle Scope Mounts

  • Equipped with 14 slots, this model is the best overall
  • Aluminum construction to mark durability
  • 1 inches height to go with your AR-15
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  • Runner-up model features a flat rail with a 1-inch height
  • Equipped with 14 slots to accommodate multiple optics
  • Compatible with Picatinny and Weaver rails
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  • High-quality construction makes this the best for the money
  • Optimal mounting height to add comfort
  • Adjustable knobs to enhance your overall experience
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  • 4.0 inches in length, this product offers the perfect mounting base for the scope
  • Accepts Leupold’s PRW and QRW rings easily
  • Steel construction to serve you in the long run
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  • Compatible with all detachable carry handle models
  • Made from high-grade aluminum to make it robust
  • Self-locking thumbnut to get easily fit on the carry handle
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What is a Carry Handle Scope Mount?

A carry handle scope mount is also known as a gooseneck mount or Z-mount. It is typically a long rail in the form of reverse letter Z. This mount is specially designed to fit in the groove of the carry handle. Moreover, the optic or red dot is accommodated by this mount extending across the upper receiver.

You can also find a scope mount that is incorporated with iron sights. Although the forward rail ensures stability, the perfect fitting still depends on the attachment of the mount to the grove of the carry handle.

Will Any Scope Mount Work on a Carry Handle?

The traditional version of an AR-15 rifle with the permanently attached carry handles requires a bit more struggle during the installation of the perfect optics. The major issues include the machining tolerance for mounting rails plus the increased height of the rifle.

Therefore, not all scope mounts go with the carry handle, as the varying tolerance of mounting rails results in changed points of impact. In fact, the rails can move in the carry handle’s groove, making the scope shift, which can be a great issue, especially when you are working at 100 yards. 

Similarly, the installed optic is at a good height for the carry handle’s iron sight functionality. However, it makes the shooter raise the head position for getting the right sight, and therefore, leads to discomfort.

So, from the above discussion, we have concluded that a carry handle AR-15 rifle works best with some specific scope mounts that offer stability and accuracy. Modern carry handle scope mounts are equipped with precision-machined components that allow them to fit in the groove of the carry handle perfectly.

Why Did These Models Make Our List?

In case you intend to get a carry handle scope mount for your AR-15, you need to know the key characteristics of a great scope mount. These features are responsible for making a model stand out from the rest and help you distinguish good products from average ones. Let’s discuss them one by one.


One of the significant features of great scope mounts is they are always made from high-quality materials. These materials ensure that the scope mount will last for a long time. It is recommended to spend money on quality rather than settling for poor quality just for the sake of saving money.

Ease of Installation

Another attribute of the best scope mount is easy installation. This means they can be used not only by professionals but also by beginners to enhance their shooting experience. 

Acid Tactical® 1"


The construction of great scope mounts is always on point. The scope mounts made from aluminum are capable of taking a number of beatings and impacts without compromising the performance.


These days you can easily find an affordable option out of the flood of scope mounts in the market. However, you are advised to get a model with all the essential features that fall in your budget. 

Review of the Best AR-15 Carry Handle Scope Mounts

Now let’s look at some excellent carry handle scope mounts that perfectly go with the AR-15. This section discusses the characteristics and features of some of the top carry handle scope mount currently available in the market.

Best Overall:
Acid Tactical ® 1”

Acid Tactical 1' See-Through Picatinny Riser Flat Top Rail Scope Mount - Full Length 14 slot


  • Lightweight yet strong
  • High enough to clear the sight
  • Equipped with a black anodized finish
  • Features a durable design that is attractive as well
  • Composed of heavy-duty aluminum to ensure strength


  • An expensive model
  • Rail does not fit at times
  • Concerns over customer support

What Recent Buyers Report

This scope mount has proven to be an excellent purchase for many buyers out there. Users are quite satisfied with its performance. They report that the installation is a breeze, and the durability of this model can’t be challenged. Moreover, there wasn’t any complaint of slips, even after several rounds of gunfire.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Acid Tactical ® 1” mainly stands out to us for its durable construction. It is made using high-quality aluminium, allowing it to easily endure all kinds of damage and tough conditions. Similarly, it offers a see-through design with 12 slots stretching along the rail. Moreover, you won’t find any movement issues during operation.

Who Will Use This Most

Since it is ideal for the AR-15, it can be easily used by AR-15 rifle owners. The construction is durable and, therefore, can easily bear harsh conditions in the field. These properties make it suitable for target and competitive shooters, as well as hunters. It is undoubtedly a great scope that offers stability along with reliability. 

Bottom Line

The Acid Tactical ® 1” has everything you should look for in a great carry handle scope mount. It works great for a wide range of scopes and goes pretty well with your AR-15 rifle. With a great design and reliable performance, this mount is an ideal choice to support your scope in the hour of need.

West Lake Tactical Flat Top 1” Riser

West Lake Tactical Flat Top 1' Riser Scope Mount High Profile See-Thru Full Size Riser Mount


  • Protects the scope from shock
  • Great design built from aluminum and steel
  • Sturdy construction that is meant to last long
  • 14 slots to fit a variety of lights and optics
  • Also features a black matte finish to mark perfection


  • Instruction manual is not clear
  • Additional fittings might be required
  • Durability is questionable for some people

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new customers are quite satisfied with this scope mount and therefore, have given positive remarks. They are pleased that installation is quite easy and allowed them to fit their scope in almost no time. Moreover, it has the ability to work with multiple rails and ensure the stability of your scope.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The West Lake Tactical Flat Top 1” Riser is just behind the best product for exhibiting some quality features. It is composed of heavy-duty steel and aluminum that weighs relatively less. Moreover, it is equipped with 14 slots that are placed across the long rail. All in all, it is a great scope mount to provide stability and accuracy.

Who Will Use This Most

This scope mount has a sturdy design that can easily take on damage in the field. This quality makes it quite suitable for professional shooters. Moreover, its easy installation ensures great performance for beginners, as well. Lastly, it works well with both Picatinny and Weaver rails to mark perfection.

Bottom Line

An all-rounder, the West Lake Tactical Flat Top 1” Riser is one of the most durable scope mounts you will find on the market. Not only does it embody great design, but this product also ensures quality performance. Therefore, if you want a stable and reliable scope mount, you should give this model a chance.

Best for the Money:
Weaver Tactical AR-15/M16


  • Suitable for a wide range of rails
  • No wiggle room for many scopes
  • Super-durable, can endure any impact
  • Easy installation makes it user-friendly
  • Great design with durable construction


  • A bit taller than necessary
  • Not suitable for all advertised scopes
  • Installation might be a struggle for some beginners

What Recent Buyers Report

The scope mount has become immensely popular among its users. They report that it is quite easy to install and works well to mount a number of scopes on their AR- rifle. Moreover, it ensures that the scope remains intact even after multiple rounds. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

An extraordinary product, the Weaver Tactical AR-15/M16 is a must-have. This model is made from high-quality aluminum and complemented by an anodized matte finish to enhance durability. It is highly versatile and can bear a good deal of shock. Plus, it protects the scope very well. Moreover, it comes with adjustable knobs that make the installation a breeze. 

Who Will Use This Most

This versatile scope mount can not only be used by professional target shooters but also hunters to ensure a perfect shot during their hunting adventure. It goes perfectly with the AR-15 rifle and keeps the scope in place. There would be no issues of stability with the use of this scope mount.

Bottom Line

If you have an AR-15 rifle, then the Weaver Tactical AR-15/M16 scope mount is best suited for you. It comes with durable construction and offers an optimal height to enhance your comfort level. The most striking thing is that you get all these features at such an affordable price. You surely won’t find a better deal on the market. 

4. Leupold 52136 Mark 4 Handle


  • Suitable for a wide range of scopes
  • Optics perfectly sit at the sight level
  • Installation is quite easy on many rifles
  • Excellent construction can endure any impact
  • Does not require much adjustment or modifications


  • Might not be long enough for some rifles

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of buyers have admired this scope mount. The most appreciated thing is its easy installation that saves the user from calling for professional help. Moreover, the scopes remain solid on the mount, and there is no tension of slip, even after a number of rounds. Moreover, it is neither too high nor low, making it perfect.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Leupold 52136 Mark 4 Handle has proved to be the best scope mount for its durability. It is composed of heavy-duty steel that makes it perfect to use in the field. Moreover, it can easily fit different scopes according to your desire. This four-inch long mounting platform is the one you are looking for.

Who Will Use This Most

Composed of heavy-duty steel, this model is built to last long. It is a highly suitable option for military shooters and even hunters to hunt down their prey without missing the shot. It can easily accommodate different scopes that go with your AR-15 rifle. The durability of this scope mount can’t be challenged.

Bottom Line

A solid-performer, the Leupold 52136 Mark 4 Handle is tough as well as durable, and can easily work with the scope of your choice. This scope mount is meant to keep your scope in place and protect it from any harsh impact. In short, it is perfect to suit almost all of your applications.

5. HWZ Rifle

HWZ Scope Mount 6 Slots Optic Weaverer Picatinny 20mm


  • Works with a range of carrying handle models
  • Accommodates multiple types of rings and scopes
  • Precision-machined technology to ensure tolerance
  • Lightweight and can be easily taken wherever you want
  • Composed of high-quality materials to ensure reliability


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Some concerns over the durability
  • Not suitable for all advertised models

What Recent Buyers Report

This scope mount has proved useful for most users. Therefore, it has succeeded in winning the confidence of new buyers as well. They report it to have a durable design and works well with the AR-15 carry handle to ensure accurate targeting in the hour of need. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The HWZ Rifle makes its way to our list for exhibiting a great set of exceptional features. Not only does it have a robust design, but it also performs quite efficiently in the field. It goes well with the optics and rings of your choice. Moreover, it comes with machined precision components to mark perfection. 

Who Will Use This Most

A versatile and durable model, this scope mount is highly recommended for military, professional, and competitive shooters. It can also be used by hunters to hunt down their prey in just a couple of shots. Although it is specifically designed for an AR-15 rifle, it still goes with other carry handle models, as well. 

Bottom Line

The HWZ Rifle is a scope mount that is ideally proven to be tough and stable. It is highly reliable and accurate in its performance. You can easily install in on your rifle and it won’t do you wrong even in the most stressful environments. What more can we ask for?

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Getting the best scope mount can be extremely challenging, as there are a number of options available in the market. However, your search can be simplified if you take a few factors into consideration whenever you intend to make a purchase.


One of the foremost factors to consider is the material the scope mount is composed of. Most scopes are manufactured from steel and aluminum. It is recommended to pick a scope mount made from high-quality materials. The better the material, the longer the mount will last. 


This factor is quite a concern for most customers out there. Getting a model with easy installation saves the users from calling for the services of a professional gunsmith in order to install the scope on their AR-15 rifle. These days, some models are equipped with adjustable knobs to ease the installation process. You just need the right tools and a few minutes.


Some budget-conscious people can’t afford to spend a lot of money on scope mounts. However, it is recommended to look for other features and not just the money alone. It is best to invest in a model with the best quality and a reasonable price tag to bring value to your bucks.


Another factor to consider is the compatibility of your mounting platform with the scope you intend to place on your AR-15 rifle. Make sure the mount suits a wide range of scopes, so you don’t have to purchase a separate model each time you use a new scope.


Attaching a scope to the carry handle of your AR-15 rifle does not need to be a difficult obstacle. These days, new mounting platforms come with technology to enhance the overall experience in the field. All the products mentioned in this review are meant to keep the scope in place. Make sure to read the buying guide to understand the key features you must focus on while picking a scope mount.