Best AR-10 Scope Mounts of 2020 – Complete Guide

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A scope mount is an accessory that provides space to install the scope on the rile. As there are very few rifles that have built-in scopes, you have to make do with your own.

AR-10 is an old 1950s rifle made by ArmaLite and has become somewhat of a trademark of theirs. Now it is out of service and mainly used for hunting and other activities. 

So before we get into the best scope mounts you can buy for this rifle, let’s see what options you have available overall. 

Comparison of the Best AR-10 Scope Mounts

  • Allows for improved eye relief
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Offers users improved protection against recoil
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  • More robust platform for optics
  • Design improves repeatability
  • Manufactured to be hardy and durable
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  • Best for the Money
  • Gives better flexibility for enhanced eye relief
  • Improved lockdown with 6 bolts on each ring
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  • Best Cantilever Scope Mount on AR 10
  • Manufactured from aluminum for durability
  • Allows for better eye relief
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  • Provides optimum field of view
  • Allows forward scope positioning
  • Ideal for flattop mounting
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Are All AR-10 Scope Mounts The Same?

Scope mounts vary from one another in size, compatibility, and shape. It’s not all the same. The compatibility does not just mean with the scope but also with the rifle. Your aim will not be accurate if it does not perfectly fit the top of the rifle and moves just a little. 

This is why some scope mounts work better on some sets of rifles while some work better on others. The quality of the mount also depends on the material used in manufacturing like aluminum or stainless steel. 

They both have their ups and downs. Aluminum is very light and water-resistant, while stainless steel is very sturdy.   

Types of AR-10 Scope Mounts

There are basically three main types of scope mounts, namely Weaver, Leupold, and Picatinny.  

Weaver Mount

Weaver mounts have a rail design and are the most commonly used. The base is flat and wide with 7/8th-inch crosswire slots. They are compatible with weaver type rings in which the scope goes.

These often have more than one piece that fits together on the top of the rifle. The one with more pieces is used for bigger scopes and vise versa.

Leupold Mount

These mounts have two pieces and are usually made of steel with a ring on either side. They are more difficult to attach and remove compared to the weaver scope mounts. You are going to need tools to do this.

They are a common alternative to weaver scope mounts. 

Picatinny Mount

These mounts are very similar to weaver mounts. Weaver mounts were the basis through which Picatinny was developed. They have a similar rail design and can house various other rifle accessories as well.

The way it differs from weaver is the size and width of the slots. It has a much deeper and thicker base. Because it gives more room for mounting rings, it is very popular among users.  

Review of the Best AR-10 Scope Mounts

Without any more delay, let’s get into the best AR-10 scope mounts you can buy. Our top picks have been thoroughly reviewed so that you can purchase the ideal unit.  

Best Overall:
Aero Precision Ultralight


  • Has great eye-relief
  • Good recoil protection
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Hard coat anodized for corrosion protection


  • Difficult to install

What Recent Buyers Report

The mount has a very secure and solid base. The price is very reasonable for this mount. It holds up to recoils and doesn’t wriggle, so you get a good aim. Though it takes some time to get it perfectly leveled, once you do, the performance is great.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This scope mount is designed to be ultralight using aluminum. The manufacturers claim it to be one of the lightest mounts in the industry. To protect from rust and give it a longer life, it has an anodized finish.

It takes 30mm scope rings and gives you two inches of ample eye relief. It is specifically designed for AR-type rifles, so it will fit perfectly on the AR-10.

The cross-slot keyway allows it to stay in its place. Moreover, it doesn’t have unnecessary movements and handles heavy recoil. Those that like their equipment to be fully American-made will like this mount.

Bottom Line

Overall, this product is made for Mil-spec 1913 Picatinny upper receivers. Its profile is SPR or Special Purpose Rifle. It should fit perfectly on your AR. After perfect installation and leveling, it will retain its place and provide the perfect aim.

Larue Tactical LT104

Larue Tactical QD Cantilever Scope Mount - LT104


  • Does not get loose over time
  • Easy to remove and mount the scope
  • Comes with spares and instructions needed
  • Cantilever positioned to give good eye relief


  • Costs more than many units

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this mount is easy to install on the rifle, and the accessories it comes with are a great bonus and makes the price worthwhile. With this model, you get guaranteed quality, and that is what really matters. One of its best features is that it holds its zero very well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Laurel mount comes in 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, and 1-inch sizes. It is made for high power rifles in all its sizes. These mounts are precision machined and are known for holding their zero. This makes them easy to remove and replace.

The cantilever is placed over the handguard, removing the need to span from the receiver to the handguard and giving proper eye relief to the shooter. Manufacturers recommend this mount over the legacy models because of its durability and ease of use.

Another great thing about this tactical scope is that it comes with spare screws, QR wrench, and instructions.

Bottom Line

Some users might be opposed to these mounts because they are pricey, but when looking at the quality, there is no doubt that it’s worth it. They will last much longer and give you more out of your investment.

You can remove and replace them whenever you want without losing any zero, making them much less annoying to work with.

Best for the Money:
Monstrum Offset Cantilever Dual Ring Scope Mount


  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Strong and sturdy lockdown
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 2-inch forward extension for eye relief


  • Not the best quality

What Recent Buyers Report

Users state that it's a very tight holding mount, and the fact that it has rings pre-installed is also great. It is perfect for those looking to buy on a budget. You get what you pay for, and the six screws on the rings make it fit very securely.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and strength and fits on top of Picatinny rails. With its 2-inch forward extension, you get good eye relief and an optimum shooting position.

If you are looking to buy on a budget, this super lightweight mount is a good place to start as it has a lifetime warranty. The rings on it are screwed in with six screws, making them extra tight and secure. Its Torx screws are heat-treated, making them extremely sturdy and able to handle torque.

The mount is specially made for one-inch tube scopes and has 3-inch width.

Bottom Line

Anyone looking for a cheaper option will find many mounts on the market, but you can never be sure of their quality because they are cheap for a reason. But this model from Monstrum has aircraft-grade strong aluminum and has passed the many tests of heavy use.

Best Cantilever Scope Mount on AR-10:
Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever


  • Ensures good eye relief
  • Fits securely on the rifle
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Has the perfect height for AR-10


  • Not suitable for precision scopes

What Recent Buyers Report

Reports suggest that this mount is perfect for anyone with an AR-10. Other than precision scopes, it works well with just about anything. The screws are very tight, and it doesn’t shake or lose its preposition during recoil. This easy-to-install mount offers quite a lot at its price and comes highly recommended by hunters.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this scope as it comes in both a 2-inch and 3-inch offset design and 1.59-inch center scope height, giving the shooter ample eye relief. It is made to sit on top of Picatinny and Weaver rails. The aluminum construction is very lightweight at just 6.7 ounces. It also has a lifetime warranty, giving you the best out of your money.

Bottom Line

In all, this mount is made for AR-15 rifles similar to AR-10s. With two rings on either side, it’s fit for a telescopic type scope. It can handle decent recoil without losing position or the screws getting loose.

Editor's Pick:
Burris Optics P.E.P.R


  • Good value of money
  • Provides a full field of view
  • Easy to mount on an AR rifle
  • Durable and sturdy construction


  • Not best for heavy recoil

What Recent Buyers Report

This scope mount is good at holding it zero even when you remove and attach it multiple times. It fits well on AR-10 and AR-15. Its locking mechanism is pretty solid and holds recoil well. Plus, it is rock solid and stable, and you can do multiple rounds without having to readjust.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We added this mount to the list as it comes in 30mm, 34mm, and 1-inch sizes with both smooth and Picatinny ring tops if you want to attach extra accessories like lights. This is a P.E.P.R mount, which means “Proper Eye Position Ready.” So it gives you perfect eye relief and a full field of view.

It is available in both quick-detach, and non-quick detach versions. Both remain solid on the top and don’t lose their zero.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this model is made for AR rifles with optimum eye relief and a good solid base. It is very easy to mount and detach while maintaining zero. It comes in various different sizes and configurations as well for different sizes of scopes.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

The mount you use depends on many factors, including the configuration of the rife, the type of optic, and the type of hunting you are planning on doing. There is no one solution, but rather different things suit different situations. Still, there are some common things that might help you in making your decision.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the lens of the scope. This is especially important if your rifle has heavy recoil. It is important to note that as you increase the magnification, eye relief reduces. For example, if your mount has a three-inch eye relief, it will become two-inch at full magnification.

The more heavy-duty your rifle is, the more eye relief you are going to need if you don’t want to end up hurting yourself. 


Mounts mostly come with their own rings. These will be either smooth topped or Picatinny or both. If you hunt at night and need accessories like lights, you might want to consider Picatinny topped rings as they give you room to install extra items. 


There are two options for the material used, i.e., stainless steel and aluminum. We all know that aluminum is very lightweight, but that is not always what you want. A stainless steel mount might be better if you are looking for something more rugged and for a bigger rifle. 

Aluminum also has different types. If you want a lightweight model with sturdiness, the aluminum should be high-quality like aircraft-grade.   


A rifle scope mount, like all its accessories, has many variations, and each depends on the type of shooting and the type of rifle. All the mounts on our list are specifically designed for AR rifles, so you will get a perfect fit without any loose parts. 

Having a solid base is just as important as having a good quality scope because without it, your aim will not be steady, and you will waste your shots. So without thinking about the price first, choose a mount that is perfect for the rifle you are using.   

People Also Ask

There are many questions regarding scopes, mounts, when to use what, and how to install them. Because there is a lot of jargon associated with these things for new users, it can get difficult to understand what is going on. 

You can read through these frequently asked questions if you need help with any more stuff related to scope mounts.

How High Should I Mount My Scope?

The scope should be mounted as low as possible without it touching the barrel. It is especially important in precision shooting. This is important to give you a consistent sight for long-range shooting. When you mount the scope higher up, it gets affected by recoil more and can get damaged more easily.

Why Use a Cantilever Scope Mount?

This type of mount gives you more space to add accessories behind because the optic is adjusted further ahead. The optic being further away from you gives you more field of view and decent eye relief.

How Far Back Should I Mount My Scope?

Your scope mount should be between three to five inches from your eye. It depends on your body and rifle. It should be in a position where you are able to see the full view of the picture but it should feel natural to you. But keep in mind the magnification can affect the ideal distance, and you might have to adjust.

What is an Offset Scope Mount?

The solution is to use an offset mount. The base of this mount is directly connected to the receiver. The rings are located well in front of the mount position.

This allows the scope to fit directly to the top of the receiver, but the scope attaches well in front of the mounting position, giving you better eye relief.

Does Scope Height Affect Accuracy?

The centerline of your scope should be close to the centerline of your bore. The height affects the trajectory of the bullet and hence the accuracy.

How Much Should I Spend on a Scope?

A good scope can cost anywhere between $200 and $300. If you want a really good quality mount to go with your rifle and scope, $200 is a good place to start.

If you have spent a lot on the rifle, it does not make sense to cheapen out now. Complement it with a good scope and improve your aim.

How Close Should a Scope Be to the Barrel?

This is pretty much what the height of your scope should be. It shouldn’t touch the barrel but should be as close as possible. The exact inches depend on your rifle and mount, and you have to judge that for yourself. Just make sure they are not touching. 

Where Do You Mount an AR Scope?

Most of the rifles made today will have bases or grooves for installing the mounts on the top, so you will know where to install it. As we discussed above, it should be as low as possible. The exact position should feel natural to your eye and should give you decent eye relief.