Best Premade Bug Out Bags – Be Ready At A Moments Notice

We live in a world where natural disasters are increasingly taking a toll on our lives. Think about the wildfires that keep spreading across northern California, or the hurricanes that are continuously pummeling the southeastern states. In today’s world, you want to be as prepared as you can possibly get, so investing in a premade bug out bag is a wise choice.

Best Premade Bug Out Bags Comparison Chart




Emergency Zone 4 Person 72 hour Survival Kit

Emergency Zone 2 Person Bag

Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Kit

Prepper's Favorite Get Home Bag

Wise Company 5-day Survival Kit

What is a Premade Bug Out Bag?

A “bug out” bag is a bag, usually a backpack, that you will be able to use whenever you have to “bug out”, or get out of civilization and hypothetically live in the wilderness for a while. Prepackaged bug out bags come not just with the bag, but also with all of the supplies you will need to keep yourself and your family members (and sometimes even your pets!) alive during the first 72 hours of an emergency, which is typically the most critical time.

How to Choose a Premade Bug Out Bag

This bag could literally mean the difference between life and death for you and your family, so you want to make sure you choose a good one by taking into account these factors:


The last thing you want is for your bug out bag’s straps to rip easily, or the zipper to break while you are out in the wild trying to stay alive. You also want a bag that you will be able to carry for long distances, so you should look for one with reinforced, padded straps.


Bug out bags should include anything and everything you could possibly need in any kind of emergency situation. That means the first aid kit should include items to stop profuse bleeding, the food should be able to be eaten without using water, and it should include basic necessities that are easy to forget about, like matches or a Swiss army knife.

Emergency Zone 4 Person 72 hour Survival Kit


No premade bug out bag is going to be perfect for absolutely every family. There are definitely going to be necessities you need to add to the bag to personalize it to your own needs, such as including medications or important legal documents. You need a bag that has some additional space for extra supplies specific to your own individual needs, not one that comes already stuffed to the brim.

Quick Take | Best Premade Bug Out Bags

Before diving into our review of the best premade bug out bags, here is a quick take of our top 3 picks:

Review of the Best Premade Bug Out Bags

Now that you have a better idea of what a premade bug out bag is, and what a good example of a premade bug out bag should include, let’s go ahead and look at some premade bug out bags themselves:


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Items come already organized
  • Bags are discreet and do not look like emergency bags
  • Food and water components will last for 5 years before expiring
  • Pack is made of good quality material, and items provided are also of solid quality


  • Is marketed as a kit for 4 people, but would be better described as a kit for 2 people with some backup items

The Emergency Zone 4 Person 72 hour Survival Kit is an excellent base bug out bag with necessary included survival items. This bag comes with enough food to supply 1200 calories for four people over the course of three days, and the food itself does not require water to rehydrate it to an edible texture, and is low in sodium to prevent it from causing excessive extra thirst and requiring additional precious water.

Additionally, this bag also has an emergency guidebook with information on first aid, a basic first aid kit, a Swiss army knife, two flare glow sticks, a thick rope, a roll of duct tape, a water bladder with five water purifying powder packs and instructions on how to use them, a roll of toilet paper, and a flashlight.

It provides a solid foundation to build upon, with plenty of room for added in items if you deem it necessary. None of the interior or exterior pockets are full of supplies when it first arrives, just the big main pocket, so you could also utilize all of that extra space and organize it however you wish.

Bottom Line

The Emergency Zone 4 Person 72 hour Survival Kit is a great prepacked bug out bag that provides everything you will ever need – but if you want a kit that can sustain 4 people, you might want to buy two of these.

2. Emergency Zone 2 Person Bag


  • Backpack is comfortable and easy to wear
  • Additional doggie emergency kit if necessary
  • Backpack provides extra room for additional supplies
  • All included supplies come in individually wrapped waterproof bags and are already organized – i.e. all medical supplies are grouped together, sleeping stuff is grouped together


  • Provided toothbrushes were of low quality

The Emergency Zone 840-2 provides all of the essentials you could need in an emergency, and enough supplies to keep two people alive for at least three days (there is also a variation of this bag that provides enough supplies to also support a dog in an emergency situation – so if Fido is a family member you would not be willing to leave behind, you need to get the doggie version of this pack!).

This pack comes with a variety of pre-packaged supplies, including toothbrushes, a tent, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a roll of toilet paper, glow sticks, rope, a multipurpose knife, a water bladder, food, and water purifying packs.

The additional doggie emergency kit provides dog food, water, dishes, waste bags, a collar, a leash, two toys, and a pet first aid kit as well. This bag is a great starting point for someone who wants to get all of their basic supplies together, and then be able to customize beyond the most essential items.

Bottom Line

The Emergency Zone 840-2 is a fantastic emergency kit that will keep you, your partner, and maybe even Rover alive in an intense situation. You may want to swap out the included toothbrushes for some simple travel toothbrushes, though, as the included ones are not of particularly high quality.


  • Backpack has extra room for additional items
  • All included supplies are of high quality, especially the included knife
  • Pack has heavy duty zippers that will be able to withstand intense stress
  • Supplies will not expire for thirty years (except the water, which lasts for five years)


  • No provided instructions for the camp stove
  • Comes with water packs already filled, so on the heavier side

The Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Kit is a step above when it comes to emergency prepacked bug out bags.

This pack comes with the following items: a camp stove that can rehydrate the included portable food, twenty four water packs, a water filtration system that can filter up to one hundred thousand gallons of additional water if necessary, a flint, a whistle, utensils, twelve servings of freeze dried food, a knife, light sticks, a first aid kit, lanterns, a flashlight, bath wipes, emergency blankets, and bowls. 

This prepacked bug out bag is definitely on the more luxurious side of emergency preparedness, so if you want to make sure absolutely all of your bases are covered, the Sustain Premium Kit is the way to go. This pack was also intentionally designed to provide extra room for additional items, and Sustain Supply Co. provides a handy list of what extra supplies you may need or want to pack along as well (examples include replacement batteries, a deck of cards to prevent boredom, etc.).

Bottom Line

The Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Kit is the top of the line when it comes to premium emergency bags. Because it comes with actual water, not just a water bladder and purifying packs, it is on the heavier side, so be cognizant of that when carrying it.


  • All materials are high quality
  • Backpack is well made of sturdy material
  • Backpack straps are padded for additional comfort
  • Two included waterproof pouches, one to hold firestarting supplies and one to hold first aid and medical items


  • Poncho cannot be refolded easily once opened up

The Prepper’s Favorite Get Home Bag is a great bag for you if you are looking for something on the smaller side, but still packed with high quality materials that will keep you and your family alive in an emergency situation.

The Prepper’s Favorite comes with a compass, a flashlight, glowsticks that give off light for up to eight hours, a multi use tool, a trowel, three tinder flints with replacements, a spark wheel, safety pins, paper clips, earplugs, three towels, a thirty gallon water filter, fifty feet of rope, a sleeping bag with a carrying sack, a mylar blanket, a poncho, and nine food bars (enough to provide two bars a day for two people for up to three days).

It is small and light enough that even children could carry this bag around if absolutely necessary, so it could be a good way to train your kids about what they will need to remember to do in an emergency situation. All of the supplies inside of this prepackaged bag are of the highest quality – examples of this include the rope, which is made of thick paracord, and the sleeping bag, which is made of mylar that is tear resistant.

Bottom Line

The Prepper’s Favorite Get Home Bag is an excellent bag that is on the smaller side, yet does not compromise when it comes to the quality of all of the included supplies. The only issue to be found with this bag is that the included poncho is not easy to refold and store once it has been used.


  • Gear Meister provides excellent customer service
  • The main zipper on the backpack is rain protected
  • Fuel tabs are efficient enough to be cut in half and double their output
  • Backpack provides lots of room, with multiple additional pockets, including extra external pockets to hold water bottles


  • Does not include utensils, and the dehydrated food needs to be stirred to be fully reconstituted and edible, so you will need to add your own stirring utensils to this kit

Forget the 72 hour bags – if you really want to be prepared for an extreme emergency situation, get yourself a bug out bag that will last you beyond that. The Wise Company 5-day Survival Kit is a great example of just such a bug out bag.

This bag comes with many servings of dehydrated food, a portable stove with included fuel tabs, tissue packs, wet wipes, an N-95 mask for filtering out particulate matter in the air (great for wild fire situations!), a metal pan for cooking, a flashlight, a compass, a whistle, a first aid kit, waterproof matches, a mylar blanket, an emergency poncho, a pack of playing cards, and a waste bag.

Everything you could need and more to keep yourself alive during a prolonged emergency situation that may last beyond the typical 72 hour mark.

Bottom Line

The Wise Company 5-day Survival Kit is an excellent prepackaged bug out bag that takes emergency preparedness to the next level. In a dire situation, you want to be able to survive no matter what, even if the emergency lasts beyond the usual 72 hour mark. In that case, no bag will be able to cover you like the Wise Company kit. Just make sure you stick your own spoon inside, as it does not come with provided utensils.


Premade bug out bags can mean the difference between life and death in a true emergency situation, which are arising in our world more and more often at alarming frequencies and rates. Make sure you have a premade bug out bag on hand for any emergency situation, and you will be able to sleep easier at night knowing that you and your family will be protected when any disaster should strike.

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