Are we safe anymore?

In the wake of so many shootings in America, one has to ask if we are safe anymore in America. Being prepared for a shooting is a hit or miss, literally. You can carry a sidearm everyday, it only takes that one time when you have to go into a place that does not allow weapons or you could be in the corner of a store and the first shot hits you in the back. Saying this isn't an excuse to just throw your hands up and not prepare for an active shooter situation, it is reality.

Everyone should be allowed to carry a gun, once they are properly trained. That is my thoughts on weapons in public. Again, every situation has its own parameters that will determine the outcome. I do agree with some people that say to many weapons could be detrimental to a situation. For example, everyone in the store has a weapon, a lone gunman enters and opens fire. Next thing you know, five legally armed good Samaritans are shooting at each other because they don't know who fired the first shot. This would be a sketchy situation for anyone.

All I can say is, be prepared, be aware of your surroundings, and train. Don't just go to a static shooting range and shoot at a stationary target 10 feet away and think your good to go. You need to practice the basics and then move onto more advanced target engagements. Once you comfortable drawing your weapon and firing. Practice magazine changes from multiple positions like stand, kneeling, crouching and laying on the floor. Practice shooting around corners, through objects or barriers, and shoot at varying distances. Your opponent is not just going to stand still and wait for you to get proper site alignment.

Practice the run, hide, fight scenario because not every situation will allow for immediate action. You may need to run for cover first to get situational awareness. Hiding isn't about laying down in the fetal position and hoping the shooter doesn't find you. You are hiding to protect yourself and others until the opportunity to escape opens up or the shooter gives you a chance to fight back. Once you start to fight back, commit to the action, in most active shooter cases we have seen so far, once someone engages the shooter they will most likely run away.

All I can say is be prepared for any situation. A shooting can happen anytime or any place. We are no longer safe in our churches, we can't get a cup of coffee without the chance of getting shot in the back, and our kids aren't safe at school. Read about past events and how it ended. Talk to people around you and rehearse some drills, get your family involved. There are many great articles online talking about different active shooter survival tactics. Please educate yourself.

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